Week 7: Football Season is Flying By October 17th Picks

Don’t consider these my picks, call them my recommendations.

Thursday Night October 15th:

Auburn 3-2 at Kentucky 4-1: Auburn is favored by 1 point and both teams need this win very badly. I can see Auburn firing Gus Malzahn if their season continues in a downward spiral and I like Malzahn and would love to see him keep his job. But, Mark Stoops needs a win here, too. Kentucky was pretty much in the same situation last season and they need to prove they have turned the corner. Auburn is still a talented team and should win.

Western Kentucky 5-1 at North Texas 0-5: Western Kentucky is one of the more fun teams to watch in the country and is favored by 26.5 points and will more than cover.

UCLA 4-1 at Stanford 4-1: Stanford has come a long way since opening day upset at the hands of Northwestern and if not for that game they might be in the playoff discussion. They still have a backdoor chance ans Stanford is favored by 5 points. UCLA under Jim Mora tends to lose some games they shouldn’t and win some games they shouldn’t. We are at a point in the season where these games are must wins and both teams have their backs to the wall. I believe Stanford, with their defense, wins this battle and they should barely cover.

Either way, this should be an interesting game full of more than a few hard hits.

Friday Night October 16th:

Cincinnati 3-2 at BYU 4-2: Thee BYU Cougars are favored by 7 and thee brethren are verily, verily tough at home.  The Bearcats are a good team and could surprise, but it’s not likely.

Houston 5-0 at Tulane 2-3: Houston is favored by 16 and more than likely covers the spread. It might be time to move Houston into the top 25 with a weaker schedule remaining.

Boise State 5-1 at Utah State 3-2: Boise State is favored by 8.5 points against a pretty good Utah State team that was impressive a week ago. I am thinking Boise wins by around 10.

UNLV 2-4 at Fresno State 1-5: Bad vs bad here. This is UNLV’s big chance at a win.

Saturday October 17th:

Western Michigan 2-3 at Ohio 5-1: Ohio is favored by 4 points and may deserve it, but Western Michigan has gone toe to toe with Ohio State and Michigan. This one could go either way, but Ohio should win a close one at home.

Eastern Michigan 1-5 at Toledo 5-0: Toledo is the far superior team and is favored by 28 points. LSU didn’t even beat Eastern Michigan by 28 and I don’t expect Toledo to cover, either.

Tulsa 3-2 at East Carolina 3-3: East Carolina is the favorite by 11 points and I think they win by two Touchdowns and cover.

Purdue 1-5 at Wisconsin 4-2: The Badgers enter as a 20.5 favorite and the Boilermakers should be easy for them at home, but I am not thinking that Wisconsin covers the spread.

Marshall 5-1 at Florida Atlantic 1-4: Marshall is the favorite by 6.5 points and I think they win by 7 or more.

Florida International 3-3 at Middle Tennessee 2-4: Middle Tennessee has played a tough schedule which explains their record and they are favored by 7. I think they do cover at home.

Texas Tech 4-2 at Kansas 0-5: Texas Tech is favored by 27 over Kansas and the Jawhawks are one of the worst teams in the nation. At home, the Red Raiders would definitely cover, but they will win on the road by a little bit less and maybe not cover.

West Virginia 3-2 at Baylor 5-0: Baylor is favored by 18 points and is maybe the best at covering because they love to run up the score.

Iowa 6-0 at Northwestern 5-1: Gary Barnett, the former Wildcat coach, made sure that

Northwestern’s biggest rival was Iowa. The Hawkeyes are favored by 2.5 points and they may win by 3 points.

Ole Miss 5-1 at Memphis 5-0: Ole Miss is favored by 10.5 points and they roughed up Memphis last season. This year, Memphis is better and it’s at home.  Ole Miss still wins, but I am not sure they cover.

Louisiana Tech 4-2 at Mississippi State 4-2: The Bulldogs are favored by 15.5 and they will win but not cover, in my opinion.

Louisville 2-3 at Florida State 5-0: The Seminoles are favored by 9 and they should cover at home.

Pittsburgh 4-1 at Georgia Tech 2-4: Georgia Tech is one of the more disappointing teams of the season, but they are still favored by 3 over Pittsburgh. Georgia Tech should bounce back and cover.

Akron 3-3 at Bowling Green 4-2: Bowling Green is the favorite by 11.5 points and they can put some points on the board and should cover.

Virginia Tech 3-3 at Miami 3-2: The Hurricanes are favored by 7 and both of these teams are hot and cold. I wouldn’t touch this game with a 10 foot pole, but I am guessing Virginia Tech pulls an upset.

Alabama 5-1 at Texas A$M 5-0: Alabama is favored by 3 but they don’t do well against great offenses and the Aggies might surprise them again like 3 years ago.

Syracuse 3-2 at Virginia 1-4: The Cavaliers are not a bad team in spite of their record. They almost beat Notre Dame and now they are favored by 8.5 over Syracuse at home and I think they cover.

Oklahoma 4-1 at Kansas State 3-2: The Sooners are favored by 4 points, but they have a tall order ahead of them. Kansas State could just as easily be 5-0 and could have beaten TCU last week. The Wildcats are tough at home and I think home team wins with the once top 10 Oklahoma dropping out of the Polls.

Rutgers 2-3 at Indiana 4-2: Even odds, but I would take the Hoosiers at home. They’ve had a lot of injuries, but still have a good Offensive Line even if slowed down greatly by Penn State last week. I think Indiana improves to 5-2.

Michigan State at Michigan: The Spartans are the team that’s been ranked so highly all year and now the Wolverines are favored by 7. The Spartans have struggled all season and the Wolverines are possibly the most improved team in football. I am thinking that Michigan gets some payback for recent losses to Michigan State in recent years.

Nebraska 2-4 at Minnesota 4-2: The Huskers have lost some heart breakers this season but they are favored by 1.5 against the Gophers. Both teams are basically mediocre, but the Huskers win here.

Vanderbilt 2-3 at South Carolina 2-4: Two programs that are a mess right now. Steve Spurrier retired unexpectedly on Monday and that could possibly inspire the team, or it could crush them. South Carolina is favored by 7 and I think they cover.

Oregon State 2-3 at Washington State 3-2: Washington State is favored by 8 points and Oregon State is really awful right now. Mike Leach’s Cougars should prevail.

Florida 6-0 at LSU 5-0: This game took a big change on Monday when Florida’s starting Quarterback got suspended for the year. LSU was favored by 6.5, but now they will easily cover that without their starter taking snaps.

Wake Forest 3-3 at North Carolina 4-1: The Tar Heels are finally becoming the team that I expected them to be last season. They are favored by 14 points and I see them covering.

Boston College 3-3 at Clemson  5-0: Clemson is favored by 15.5. No doubt the Tigers are good, but the Boston College Eagles have the best defense in the country and may be in a battle. The Tigers win but don’t cover.

TCU 6-0 at Iowa State 2-3: The Toads are favored by 18 points and should cover easily.

USC 3-2 at Notre Dame 5-1: What a mess USC is right now. A lot of Pollsters had then in their top 5 at the beginning of the season and I thought they were a year away from being elite again. But, now, they are just a disaster with a coach fired without the coach being available and made aware of it. Notre Dame is favored by 3 but that number may increase as the week continues. Who knows how the Trojan players will respond, they still have some serious talent on both sides of the ball. Notre Dame should win, but by how much is the question.

Missouri 4-2 at Georgia 4-2: After 2 seasons of dominating the SEC East, it appears the Missouri Tigers have slipped a few notches. Georgia has nothing to brag about either and lost their best player last weekend. The Bulldogs are favored by 17 points but that may come down as the week progresses. I am picking Georgia to win, but I am not sure they cover the spread.

Penn State 5-1 at Ohio State 6-0: Even though Ohio State is favored by 17.5 points, the Nittany Lions will present the toughest defense the Buckeyes have faced all season. If this game was in State College I would pick an upset, as it is, I still think the Buckeyes will be in the fight of their lives. Penn State’s front 4 will be way tougher than anything the Buckeyes have seen since last year’s win over Alabama. The advantage for the Buckeyes is that Christian Hackenberg is still one of the more inaccurate over hyped Quarterbacks in the land and may give them some turnovers served up on a platter. Ohio State may still win, but I don’t see them covering.

Arizona 4-2 at Colorado 3-3: Arizona is the favorite by 7 points and probably will cover. Arizona Quarterback Anu Solomon is gritty, but he over throws more wide open receivers than anyone I have ever seen. Colorado is improved even if the numbers don’t indicate it.

Arizona State 4-2 at Utah 5-0: The media is trying to tell the world that the Utes are one of the four best teams in the country, but I am not buying it. Utah is favored by 6 points over an iffy opponent at home. Arizona State just got blown out by USC a few weeks ago and seemed to pull it together

somewhat after that. Their supposedly vaunted defense is still not that good even though head coach Todd Graham is supposed to be a defensive specialist. I am picking the Sun Devils in an upset.

Oregon 3-3 at Washington 3-2: Washington is favored by 1 whole point. This Oregon Duck team is even worse than I thought they would be and Washington may be improving. I am going with the Huskies to get a little bit of revenge over the hated Ducks. Oregon has been beating most of these teams for years.

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