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Thomas Schaffer Stanford ‘the Terminator’

I am not very good at it, but I love doing impersonations of famous people. While I am bad at most, I have always been fairly good at doing Clint Eastwood and Richard Nixon. Doing those guys usually get a few laughs from friends and family. My dad always laughed at my Nixon back in the day which naturally fueled my fire.

But, my favorite of all time is Arnold Schwarzenegger and I usually say at least one comment he is famous for more than once during my average day.  Nearly everybody out there puts on the

sunglasses and says ‘I’ll be back’. It’s just as part of modern day American culture as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. Everybody likes to do Arnold impersonations.

College coaches can’t publicly comment on recruits during the recruiting process by NCAA rules. But, on National Signing Day, known by recruitniks such as myself only as NSD, the gloves come off and they can say whatever they like about John Doe recruit.

Freaks such as myself are usually glued to the television set on NSD and watch and listen to every word spoken. Thank goodness for technology that allows you to record every individual show broadcast that day. Of course, every coach seems to be happy with their signing class no matter what the experts are saying, or what their class is rated.

I’ve made no secret on this blog that although I want to remain as unbiased as humanly possible, I do have a few favorite teams and coaches.

I like the way David Shaw coaches his Stanford teams and that’s my favorite brand of football.

The Stanford Cardinal signed Thomas Schaffer from Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois. Schaffer moved to the United States from Austria to pursue a dream of playing football.

Stanford’s coach David Shaw said on the Pac 12 Network that talking on the phone with Thomas Schaffer was like talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger The Terminator.

Like Hjalte Froholdt from Denmark that signed with Arkansas last season which I wrote about here , Schaffer is a big prospect that was playing American football in Europe and wanted to come play with the big boys over here.

Schaffer was a youthful 6-6, 200 and came to Houston, Texas to play with his Austrian Club Team.

While there. Schaffer went to the University of Texas in Austin and just was in awe of the school and the facilities. That was possibly the biggest event that pushed Schaffer to come to America and play against the best.

Thomas Schaffer’s cousin was in the USA and he was attending Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois. The cousin, Felix Schildorfer, was a senior at the Academy school and he recommended Schaffer to his high school coach.

Schaffer decided to finish his high school years at Lake Forest Academy where he became an outstanding college football recruit.  He was no longer that tall skinny kid of 6-6, 200. He had grown to around 250 to 280 depending on which recruiting list you happen to stumble across and this guy is an athlete.

With dozens of offers by major college football programs, Schaffer chose Stanford.

Some consider Schaffer a future Offensive Tackle and others think he will play Defensive End. Stanford has almost no depth on the Defensive Line and Schaffer would be big enough to play there immediately.

No matter which side of the ball the Stanford coaches decide to play Thomas Schaffer, expect him to say “I’ll be back” or “hasta la vista, baby” at some point during a game.