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Scott Frost Should be at Nebraska

There’s no doubt about it. Nebraska fans are the best. They support their team no matter what and have sold their stadium out since the 1960’s.

Nebraska fans deserved to have the University of Central Florida’s head coach Scott Frost as their own. The former Cornhusker star quarterback is now a rising star in the college football coaching world.

Scott Frost came by his athleticism naturally as his father was a running back at Nebraska and his mom competed in the weight events, also at Nebraska. His mom made the 1968 United States

Olympic team in 1968.

At tiny Wood River, Nebraska, Scott Frost’s dad was his football coach. His mother was his track and field coach and then also the football team’s receiver coach. Young Scott frost got a double dosage of coaching from both parents.

Scott Frost was an exciting high school football player at Wood River, but one does have to question the competition. Frost was big, fast and strong and he was probably playing against small, slow and weak high school kids. Regardless, Frost was a high school star that started for most of 4 seasons. He was a Parade All American after running for over 4,000 yards and scoring 72 touchdowns rushing, while passing for nearly 7,000 yards and 67 touchdowns. Frost was very popular with college football coaches and everybody recruited him. Because he was a scholar athlete, the Stanford Cardinal came calling.

Scott’s brother was attending Stanford and the Cardinal was coached by super coach Bill Walsh back then. The pull of Stanford can be a bit much and the prospect of playing for Bill Walsh must have been strong and Scott Frost signed with Stanford.

Things didn’t quite work out the way Frost had hoped in Palo Alto. He was a back up quarterback, but he also was a starting safety and a very hard hitting one. The bottom line was probably that Scott Frost was not a drop back passer and the Stanford offense under Walsh was never going to be the right fit for Scott Frost.

Frost transferred back home to Nebraska and had to sit out the mandatory year for transfers. Frost was eligible in 1996 and moved into the starting lineup.

But, Scott Frost was never that popular with old school Nebraska Cornhusker fans because he signed with Stanford. In spite of leading the Huskers to the 1997 national title, he wasn’t a fan favorite.

I suspect that Scott Frost is still not that popular with old school fans. Could that be the reason they hired Mike Riley instead of Frost a couple of years ago?

Please don’t roll your eyes and stop reading here and read what else I’m thinking.

Firing their former head coach Bo Pelini after finishing up the 2014 season with a 9-3 record came at a huge surprise. But, even more surprising was the Huskers hiring Oregon State head coach Mike Riley as their new coach. Riley is a good coach, but his record at Oregon State was a very average 93-80. His last two seasons were very uninspiring 7-6 and 5-7 records. There was talk floating around that the Beavers powers that be were thinking about firing him. Oregon State is also in the college football arms race and they have some impressive new facilities and maybe they wanted a new beginning.

Riley is also currently 64 years old. How much longer will he even want to coach?

At Oregon, the Ducks offense was run brilliantly by offensive coordinator Scott Frost. After trying his hand at professional football and playing around the league for 6 seasons, Frost got himself into coaching and he was ready to move up the ranks.

Maybe they found Scott Frost to be too inexperienced to lead the Cornhusker football program.

But, Frost played there under the legendary Tom Osborne. He was in Lincoln for 3 football seasons and learned under Osborne. Scott Frost is smart and it’s more than likely that he remembers most everything from that era.

The University of Central Florida, AKA UCF, hired Frost last year as their new head coach. After

finishing a disaster of a season in 2015 with an imperfect 0-12 record, the Knights were desperate for new leadership. They hired Frost and the difference was noticeable from the very beginning. In their second game, they lost to Michigan 14-51, but it was not as bad as the score sounds. The Knights improved by 6 wins and finished the season with a 6-7 record. With only 6 wins, the Central Florida Knights did not garner much national attention. But, clearly, Frost looked to be everything those that believed in him during that 6 win season. He’s a rising star in college football and maybe it’s time for Nebraska to look into that.

This season, the Knights already beat up Florida International 61-17. They looked well coached in that one game and they don’t play again until September 23rd in Maryland. Nebraska fans might want to record that game and get a view of the guy that should be their coach.

Frost is just intense on the sideline. He looks and acts more like a former linebacker than a quarterback. The players seem to respond to his intensity and he gets a lot out of his players. Scott Frost can take Nebraska to places they haven’t been in nearly 20 years.

Mike Riley is a great guy and coach. It was clear that the Huskers Athletic Department had been talking to Mike Riley for a while before firing Bo Pelini. There was no coaching search, they just named Riley as the new guy right after Pelini was shown the door.

I hope that Nebraska really isn’t holding a grudge against Scott Frost for choosing Stanford over them so many years ago.

Just do the right thing for yourselves, Nebraska, and go ahead and hire Frost as soon as possible. Riley’s Huskers are off to a roaring 1-1 season with a loss to Oregon and Frost is 1-0.

Maybe save a little time and go for the death punch. Hire Scott Frost and watch him get you back into the national title spotlight. If you’d rather continue down the mediocrity path, then keep on doing what you are doing.