New USC Coaching Suspects

Even before Steve Sarkisian was fired as coach of the Southern California Trojans there was talk of Chip Kelly being out at Philadelphia and taking his place.


Now, the opportunity is there for him.


Most experts insist that Chip Kelly is the leading candidate. Does Chip Kelly have any interest? I would guess not.

But, he is going to remain the leading candidate in the rumors until somebody is hired, probably.



Some other candidates emerging, according to rumors, are Kevin Sumlin at Texas A%M, Chris Petersen at Washington, Tom Herman of Houston, Jeff Fisher of the NFL’s St Louis Rams, Jack Del Rio of  the Oakland Raiders, Kyle Whittingham at Utah, Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern and Justin Fuente of Memphis.


Sumlin is coaching the Aggies, obviously, and they are off to a 5-0 start this season. He’s got all he wants at Texas A%M, the facilities, the conference and nearness to top recruits.

But, he would have an opportunity at USC that few other schools have. He would increase his shot at a national championship dramatically and he could recruit lights out in the Los Angeles area. There is as much talent in South California as just about anywhere on the planet and USC traditionally attracts talent from across the land. Three of the Trojans top players last season were from Florida. They bring them in from Texas, the Southeast and New Jersey just depending on who they are recruiting. It’s hard to match the history and tradition of USC.

It would be a golden opportunity for Kevin Sumlin, or just about any other coach.


Petersen just took the job at Washington before last season. His first Washington Husky team finished 8-6 and this season he is 3-2, so far. Steve Sarkisian was the previous coach at Washington, which makes me think they wouldn’t steal another from that school when the last one didn’t work out so well for them.

Supposedly, Petersen interviewed for the job before and it didn’t go so well and he does not really seem to care for the media which makes me think he wouldn’t quite fit in with the bright lights of Los Angeles.


Tom Herman is the new coach at the University of Houston. He is 5-0 so far as a head coach and he was part of the Ohio State national championship last season when he was the Offensive Coordinator for the Buckeyes.

He is a good prospect, but I would guess that USC would want somebody with a little more



Jeff Fisher has been an NFL coach with the Tennessee Titans and currently with the St Louis Rams. The reason his name is going to come up is because he was a former Defensive Back for the Trojans. Would he quit his NFL job to come coach his old school? Can he recruit?


Jack Del Rio is another big name NFL coach that will be in discussion. He was an All American Linebacker for the Trojans before playing in the NFL for a number of years. He was the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars for 9 seasons before being fired. He worked as the Defensive Coordinator for the Denver Broncos for several seasons before being named head coach of the Oakland Raiders

before this season.

Another NFL coach that loves his Trojans, but will he want to resign from his lucrative NFL job to go back to the college ranks? Another coach that we don’t know if he can recruit or not and USC needs to make the right hire, here.


Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham is an interesting option. He was an assistant coach at Utah under Urban Meyer when Meyer left for Florida. Whittingham took over and has led the Utes to a 90-43 record. In 2008, Whittingham led the Utah Utes to an impressive 13-0 record and a stunning upset of Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

USC would be a major step up for Whittingham, but are the Trojans interested?


Pat Fitzgerald and Justin Fuente are just two hot names that are going to come up with any job opening right now.

Fitzgerald was an awesome Linebacker for Northwestern and is coaching them now and doing a great job. USC would be a much easier place for a coach like Fitzgerald to win.

Fuente has turned around a terrible Memphis Tiger program. They are 5-0 at present, but they have Ole Miss coming to town this weekend and he probably gets his first loss of the season.



I have no idea who the Trojans will hire and you have to remember that Pat Haden is still making decisions and it may not be a popular pick.

But, they need to hire somebody that can make an immediate impact. He will have some really serious talent on campus already and USC is a school that people can recruit some outstanding talent.


I didn’t even mention the most obvious suspect, Nick Saban.

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