Hey Cowherd is Texas Really Overrated?

Why anyone watches a television program with some guy that really has no credentials at all talking into a microphone answering call in questions is beyond me.

Maybe if you have some dull job that requires little to no thinking and you have the opportunity to listen to sports radio, I can understand if you want to listen. But, seriously, if you are reading this please hit reply and tell me why you would listen to a Colin Cowherd, or Paul Finebaum, or Jim Rome and even that new guy Dan Le Batard.

I don’t get it.

I don’t watch or listen to any of them, but their OPINIONS are blasted all over the internet and people eat that up.

The other day I saw that Cowherd proclaimed the Texas Longhorns the most overrated program in the history of the world.

He didn’t just proclaim them overrated, in the 2 minutes I wasted in listening to that blowhard, he wasn’t talking. He was pretty much in a yelling mode. Which means he is pretty passionate about the subject.

While I do appreciate his passion, I prefer facts over some loud mouth that is just looking for attention. (yes, I do realize that I am giving him attention here also)

Let’s look at actual facts regarding the Texas Longhorns all time.

All time records against:


Alabama 7-1-1

Arkansas 56-22

Auburn 5-3

Baylor 74-26-4

Georgia 3-1

LSU 9-7-1

Michigan 1-0

Missouri 17-6

Nebraska 10-4

Ohio State 2-1

Oklahoma 60-44-5

Oklahoma State 23-5

Oregon 4-2

Pittsburgh 3-0

Stanford 2-2

Texas A%M 76-37-5

TCU 62-22-1

Texas Tech 49-15

Virginia 2-1

Washington 3-1


Losing records against:


Notre Dame 2-9

BYU 1-4

Kansas State 6-9

Penn State 2-3

USC 1-4


All time record for the Texas Longhorns:

882 – 347 – 33

Other schools all time records:  


Michigan 915 – 328 – 36

Notre Dame 884 – 310 – 42

Alabama  851 – 325 – 43

USC  805 – 327 – 54

Oklahoma 850 – 317 – 53

Ohio State  865 – 319 – 53

Michigan leads all time in the total number of wins. Notre Dame is second with Texas coming up third.

Look at Texas record against the super powers. They have dominated every school they have played on a regular basis including Oklahoma one of the programs that Cowherd claimed is far superior to Texas. Cowherd also said Alabama was superior, but Texas is 7-1-1 all time against the Crimson Tide.

The only schools that can say that Texas is overrated would be Notre Dame, BYU, Kansas State and USC.

I understand the need to stir up controversy to get attention. I also understand that these guys were the ones receiving wedgies back in their school days.


But, please look at the facts before you make an announcement so strong as to call one of the top programs in the country overrated.

5 thoughts on “Hey Cowherd is Texas Really Overrated?

    1. Brad Post author

      Yes, but how does that make them overrated? Since all the evidence we have to base our opinion is past performance how does that make them overrated? If you follow the game, you will see that they start and play a lot of youth. That bodes well for their future. Does it not?

      Couldn’t you say that Alabama has won the recruiting titles the past 4 years in a row, but they haven’t won a title on the field the past 2 seasons. Since they have more talent than everybody, supposedly, should that make them overrated?

  1. Jerry

    I don’t care who you are, Texas is a top 5 or 10 top program of all time. To argue with that is a demonstration of stupidity. Don’t make up shit because you hate something.

  2. Sick Naban

    There are several overrated programs but if you’ve won some national titles you aren’t one of them. Cowherd is a loudmouth moron

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