New Poll September 13th Bret Bielema, Wow!

1. Ohio State 2-0: The Buckeyes got 4 of their better players back but were not completely as impressive as one would hope for a #1 team.

2. Alabama 2-0: Middle Tennessee was running all over Alabama early on and the ref called MT for not having 7 guys on the line of scrimmage and the announcers were all over that with agreement. Wow, clearly the Offensive Tackle that was called was right on the line of scrimmage and you can watch the replay if you like. Home field advantage is a clear demonstration why I try to drive the

speed limit in the Southern States even though I am a Southerner, watch out folks with Ohio plates and please cover up your Ohio State merchandise. Clearly, a bad call and I really don’t care what anyone says unless they can look at the game tape and show me I am wrong. Alabama should not need bad calls to beat an inferior team like this. I still think that Alabama is one of the top teams, with or without bad coaching and officiating. The talent is there, but not as the level as some would have us believe.

3. TCU 2-0: The Frogs exploded against a Junior High team. I don’t believe yet that this team is as good as last year’s and Ole Miss will hope I am right. Still Boykin is a good player and the Frogs are talented in some areas.

4. USC 2-0: The Trojans are young, but so talented. The recruiting titles keep going to Alabama, but I am more impressed with the young talent at USC, Ohio State and Florida State. Maybe I should start my own unbiased recruiting site. It’s not like I haven’t made my own lists for years because that’s what nerds do.

5. Georgia 2-0:  The Bulldogs have under achieved the last few years and were not overly impressive against a bad SEC team, but they have a lot of young talent especially on defense. Will this team peak and improve?  I don’t know and I am still not sold on Virginia Quarterback transfer being replaced at ACC school and starting at Georgia one of the premiere programs of the SEC.

6. Florida State 2-0: The Seminoles got off to a slow start, but came on strong. Their competition could be considered weak, but I disagree mostly. Dalvin Cook put up huge numbers as Everett Golson adjusts to Florida State offense. This is another team like USC, Ohio State, and Georgia with young talent, but they all need to prove it on field other than the Buckeyes.

7. Baylor 2-0: So, you  would have me believe that Baylor could beat any of the teams above? Maybe TCU, and I also think that TCU is overrated here. People whining about soft schedules are only talking about Ohio State, but Baylor is horrible with playing awful teams. I think 7 is too good for this team actually and I think the season will prove that.

8. Michigan State 2-0:  I’m just not as impressed with the Spartans of 2014 as I had hoped to be. Oregon was a test that they passed last night and I have not watched the tape yet, but with Connor Cook at Quarterback and that Offensive Line, they should be winning big. They struggled against Western Michigan in game one and again against an Oregon team that people seem to love but isn’t the same as last year’s version, clearly.

9. Notre Dame 2-0: Yes, the Irish did not win easily against an 0-2 Virginia that got beaten last week at UCLA. But, they showed heart by winning late with the back up Quarterback. Look at the history of every national championship football team and almost all of them had at least one game where they had a close call. Maybe this was Notre Dame’s close call on their way to glory. Time will tell, and Malik Zaire is out for the season and it’s up to the back up Quarterbacks. Maybe a tough break for the Irish and definitely a tough one for Zaire. On this blog, in the Spring of 2014, I said Zaire was better than Golson and he was proving that to be correct. If the Irish can adjust to life with DeShone Kizer, they can still have a good season. Last week, they lost star Running Back Tarean Folston and now Zaire.

10. Georgia Tech 2-0: They have not played anyone. But, since when did that matter Bret Beliema? The Yellow Jacket’s Flex Bone Offense is difficult to prepare for which makes them dangerous. Teams rated above them on this list that don’t play defense would struggle to stop this running game and go down.

11. Ole Miss 2-0: The Rebels have looked unstoppable against weaker opponents. Losing Bo Wallace has not slowed them down one bit, and in fact may have helped them. I still look for Robert Nkemdiche to live up to advance billing and make some plays and he did when they put him at Tight End when he caught a 31 yard Touchdown pass. I don’t want to say he looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane, but he still needs to pick it up considerably to live up to expectations. I am pulling for the guy. He’s a physical freak and looks intimidating. But, he needs to play like he looks. Otherwise, the team is looking good. Will they win the SEC West? Probably not, but they could make a run at it.

12. Clemson 2-0: The Tigers ate up Appalachian State in the first half, and coasted to an easy win. Losing Mike Williams at Wide Receiver will hurt them because he is a big play guy, but they still could make a run at Florida State and win the ACC. Dabo Swinney has recruited really well in recent years.

13. LSU 1-0: Another group of Tigers struggled a bit with Mississippi State, but this was their first game of the year because of lightening cancelling their first game. Leonard Fournette ran for 159 yards but the Tigers offense did little else. Some are picking LSU to win it all, but based on what is the question still. Their offense is very conservative and is tailor made for Alabama.

14. Texas A%M 2-0: The Aggies have looked great to begin the season, but they did the same thing last year. Is this time for real, or will they collapse like last season? They could be for real this time with more defensive minded play coming to the forefront.

15. Oklahoma 2-0: The Sooners showed great heart by coming from behind and beating Tennessee in Overtime.

16. Auburn 2-0: The Auburn Tigers are undefeated, but they struggled against Louisville and the Cardinals are clearly not good. But, to need Overtime to beat a FCS team saps all of my faith in the Auburn Tigers. They looked absolutely awful on Saturday against Jacksonville State. If they don’t improve by next week, they may not be ranked on the next Poll.

17. Oregon 1-1: Clearly, the Ducks are about as good as Michigan State and they are better than Auburn, but they have a loss so I had to move them down to 17.

18. UCLA 2-0: True freshman Josh Rosen is great, but he’s still a true freshman which could come back to haunt them at some point. Their defense looks better with new Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley.

19. Tennessee 1-1: The Vols are still a young team and they will win some games in spite of a loss to Oklahoma.

20. Missouri 2-0: It was not an impressive day for still yet another Tiger team. Beating Arkansas State by a Touchdown was not impressive when you consider that USC beat Arkansas State 55-6. If Missouri wins the SEC East again and eyebrows aren’t raised nationally I may stop watching college football. As if, says my wife.

21. Mississippi State 1-1: If LSU is playoff bound, they sure struggled with the Bulldogs of Mississippi State.

22. Arizona 2-0: Not a believer over here on the Wildcats, but they are unbeaten still.

23. Arizona State 1-1: One off the more disappointing teams so far.

24. Arkansas 1-1: The Razorbacks will still prove to be a good team, but this is a classic case of

karma coming back to bite in the butt. Just shut your big mouth, Bret Beliema, and worry about your own team and maybe you would actually win some games. The Pigs have a good defense and a really good Offensive Line and a top Running Back. Quarterback is much improved and he should have a great season. Just play ball and shut up. Wisconsin is way better than Toledo and probably should be ranked here ahead of the Razorbacks.

25. Northwestern 2-0: Beat Stanford and then Eastern Illinois easily. Season is still very early, but the Wildcats play good defense.

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