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Kaleb Eulls Mississippi State Hero

If stories aren’t told, and then retold, often the tale will be forgotten. It wouldn’t be a good thing for what Kaleb Eulls did back in September of 2009 to be forgotten.

We talk too much about what Jameis Winston did or what Johnny Manziel did, but we tend to forget about the stories involving people that have actually done something to help others.

Most folks have probably never even heard of Kaleb Eulls. In general, football fans will know about most every Quarterback and a few of the better Running Backs and some Wide Receivers. They may know who certain Defensive Backs are and it helps if the Defensive Back has a big mouth and is in the spotlight all of the time. But, even the most hardcore fans often don’t know who plays in the Offensive Line or at Defensive Tackle for certain teams.

Kaleb Eulls is a 6-4, 295 Defensive Tackle for the number 1 ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs and has started for them for 4 years now.

Eulls is from Yazoo City, Mississippi which is a small town of slightly over 10,000 people Northwest of Mississippi state capital Jackson.

He was a 4 star recruit and the 4th rated player coming out of the state of Mississippi during his senior season.

On September 1st, which is actually my birthday, in 2009 at the beginning of his senior season, Kaleb Eulls found himself in a bad situation. He had his headphones on and was listening to music while riding in the school bus on his way to school, when one of his little sisters woke him up.

A 14 year old girl was waving a gun around on the bus and threatening all of the other kids. The girl was apparently upset over being teased by some other kids.

The bus driver, Lucille Boddy, had driven the school bus for years. She’d known Kaleb Eulls when he was in elementary school and he was a little disruptive grade school boy on her bus.

Lucille Boddy took a liking to the young Kaleb Eulls and tried to help him whenever she could. He came from a really poor family, but he was an excellent student so she had high hopes for him and his future.

As the 14 year old girl waved the gun around at the other kids, Lucille Boddy brought the bus to a stop, and she tried to help the girl to remain calm.

While Lucille kept the girl occupied, one of Kaleb Eull’s sisters unlatched the back door of the bus but the door was stuck.

Kaleb kicked the door open. While telling the 14 year old gun waving girl to focus only on him, the other children in he back of the bus made their escape including Kaleb’s sisters. The girl was furious and cursing saying she would shoot them all one by one.

Kaleb told her that she was going to have to shoot him before she shot anyone else, while keeping her distracted from shooting the children.

While the girl was focusing on Kaleb, lovely Lucille got the kids from the front of the bus out.

Girl with the gun then turned towards the front and the bus driver and realized the kids were gone and then the highly recruited Defensive End prospect tackled her from behind and grabbed the gun.

The situation was over.

There is really no telling what the young lady with the gun would have done. Maybe she would have done nothing at all. But, the fact remains that she had a loaded gun and was pointing it at kids and with all of the school shootings going on in this country in recent times, one can only assume she planned on shooting as many children as she could.

Kaleb Eulls put himself in harm’s way to save his little sisters and all of the other children plus the bus driver. There is nothing in Kaleb Eulls’ future that should even give him a drop of concern after facing a loaded gun.

The 14 year old girl was charged with 22 attempted counts of kidnapping and attempted aggravated assault. It could have been a lot worse if Kaleb Eulls and Lucille Boddy had not been present.

Lucille Boddy, she can drive my bus anytime

Kaleb Eulls graduated from Yazoo County High School in 2010 and became a Mississippi State Bulldog. He redshirted his first season at Starkville, but then he has started every game since.

Eulls even played Quarterback in high school and supposedly can throw the football with either arm equally well.

In a day and age of so many selfish and rude people, a kid like Kaleb Eulls is almost beyond comprehension.

He put not only his life in harms way to save his little sisters, but also those of other people’s little sisters and brothers.

Eulls was recruited by a lot of major college programs like Florida and Alabama and many, many others. He put his promising football career on the back burner to put himself at risk and to save others.

Eulls is not only a hero, but a good football player on the number 1 team in the country. Plus, he is a good student and he really does have a bright future with or without an upcoming NFL career.

So, the next time the news is on and there is talk of the next Jameis Winston scandal, please don’t forget that there are still people out there like Kaleb Eulls and his former bus driver, Lucille Boddy.