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Philip Lutzenkirchen

You just have to pull for a guy named Philip Lutzenkirchen. From my rough German translation it means Lutzen Churches.


Lutzenkirchen was a star Tight End for the Auburn Tigers from 2009 until 2012. He was a key part of the 2010 National Championship team and was one of Cam Newton’s favorite targets near the End Zone as a big Tight End like Lutzenkirchen.


Tragically, Philip Lutzenkirchen was taken from this world on Sunday, June 29th 2014 in an automobile accident.

He was 23 years old.


As a former Tight End that wasn’t very good, I always admire the ones that are or were very good. Lutzenkirchen was one of the very good ones.


Philip Lutzenkirhen was from Marietta, Georgia where he attended Lassiter High School. He was a highly recruited high school Tight End and ranked #6 in the country at his position.

Lutzenkirchen was 6-5, 255 and had 59 career catches at Auburn and 14 of those were for scores.

In Auburn’s National Championship season, he only had 15 catches but 5 of them were clutch and for TDs from Cam Newton.

His best season for the Tigers was in 2011 when he had 24 catches and 7 TDs.

He signed with the St Louis Rams but his NFL career did not work out due to injury.




Lutzenkirchen and 3 others were riding in a Chevy Tahoe apparently at a high rate of speed and missed a stop sign at an intersection near LaGrange, Georgia. All 4 passengers of the car were ejected from the car and landed in a churchyard. Lutzenkirchen and the driver were killed.



I love football, but there’s certainly a lot more to life than my favorite sport and I certainly appreciate young gladiators like Philip Lutzenkirchen that have been so much fun to watch over the years.


My heart goes out to his family.


Please buckle up, folks, and be careful out there.