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I Can Beat Rich EIsen in the 40

Consider this a challenge to Rich Eisen to beat me in the 40 yard dash.

For those that don’t know, and there are plenty, Eisen runs a 40 yard dash with a suit on at the annual NFL Combine. It’s pretty entertaining to watch and especially when placed up against the actual players.

I am about 11 years older than Eisen and I have 3 pinched nerves in my back. I also have something wrong with my feet which I’d rather not say.

Eisen ran a 6.02 and I think I can take him.

The benefits of Rich Eisen’s 40 yard dash go to the St Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis,

Tennessee. There are few better causes than St Jude.

The hospital is free of charge for their patients and they depend totally on donations. The expenses are extreme for a hospital. Say what you want about employees, but they have families, too, that must be fed. The electric bill is sky high and so are the medications and multiple other expenses, but they don’t charge the families of the children anything. They also have places for the families to stay, and those are free of charge as well.

There are few things sadder than a sick child, but almost as sad are the expenses the parents must go through without a hospital like St Jude.

It’s more than a worthy cause and I will smoke Eisen in a 40.

Well, I may be talking a bit too much trash.

I haven’t run more than a few steps in years. The pain is too great. But, running the 40 yard dash against Rich Eisen is really exciting and I really would love to do it, through all of the pain.

I have grandkids and can only guess what it’s like to be a grandfather of a sick child. St Jude is doing an awesome thing and they deserve our support.

I saw where Eisen challenged NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to a 40 race and I want in on that. I believe I can take either of them.

Just give me a little time to get in shape.

Oh, and I don’t want to run in a suit and tie.

Get the word out.