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CFC September 6, 2016 Poll

1. Alabama 1-0: The Crimson Tide may not be touched all year. They were dominating.

2. Clemson 1-0: Clemson did not play all that well, but a win is a win.

3. FSU 1-0: The Seminoles impressively came back to beat Ole Miss and a super star was born.

4. Ohio State 1-0: Ohio State has another cream puff before going to Norman, Oklahoma.

5. Michigan 1-0: They made opening day mistakes but this team could be really good.

6. Houston 1-0: The Cougars beat Oklahoma pretty soundly in the second half.

7. Florida 1-0: They aren’t 7th good right now, but will be in a few weeks with Del Rio at QB.

8. Stanford 1-0: Stanford had a few issues with Kansas State, but they are well coached.

9. Ole Miss 0-1: Which is the real Ole Miss, or is FSU that good? Going with later for now

10. Georgia 1-0: They had a little outside help, but Chubb is back.

11. Louisville 1-0: Lamar Jackson, wow! Tougher games await, but Jackson is outstanding.

12. Miami 1-0: Kind of early for the Hurricanes, but Richt is making a difference here.

13. Oregon 1-0: Had higher hopes for defense, but they will come along.

14.Wisconsin 1-0: Badgers whipped LSU.

15. Tennessee 1-0: Vols looked awful in opening OT win over Appalachian State.

16. Notre Dame 0-1: The Irish probably took Texas lightly. They still have talent.

17. TCU 1-0: TCU did what was needed to win, but they may have issues.

18. LSU 0-1: The faithful are calling for Les Miles head. Get out your history books fans.

19. Oklahoma 0-1: The Sooners were embarrassed in Houston, but they still have Mayfield.

20. Texas 1-0: One of the surprise teams of opening week. Shane Beuchele made huge difference.

21. Arkansas 1-0: Another struggling SEC school beat La Tech by 1 point. Wow.

22. Washington 1-0: Huskies looked really good.

23. Pittsburgh 1-0: The Panthers host old rival Penn State for their next game. We will see.

24. Iowa 1-0: Hawkeyes were lucky last year and overrated.

25. North Carolina 0-1: The Tar Heels struggle against the run, but they were also robbed by refs.


Others considered:


Baylor 1-0: The higher ups at Baylor pulled the wool over the public’s eye when they fired Art Briles and kept his assistants. Slimy school that’s gonna be responsible for ruining young women’s lives. I really don’t think they should be ranked even if they have a good season.

Penn State 1-0: Struggled with Kent State, but they have potential.

Auburn 0-1: The War Eagles were competitive against Clemson.