New Playoff Selection Committee

Politics. It’s all politics.

Like so many others, I am excited about the new playoff system. I just wish they had chosen a different way to pick the teams.


The powers that be, and I am not even sure who the actual powers that be are, selected 13 people to choose the 4 playoff teams.

Here is the top 25 for several of the members of the new selection committee:

1. Mississippi State

2. Alabama

3. Ole Miss

4. Georgia

5. Auburn

6. LSU

7. Texas A%M

8. Missouri

9. Arkansas

10. Florida

11. Tennessee

12. Kentucky

13. South Carolina

14. Vanderbilt

15. Blank

16. Blank


18. Blank

19. Blank

20. Florida State

21. New Mexico State

22. Big 10 sucks

23. Pac 12 sucks

24. ACC sucks

25. Big 12 sucks

Temple they would place at number 17 because even though the Temple Owls are 5-4 on the season, they beat SEC cellar dweller Vanderbilt 37-7 so they must be one of the best teams in the country outside the SEC.

They couldn’t leave out Florida State because they are the defending national champs and still undefeated.

New Mexico State was just the only school they have heard of outside of the Southeast and they figure they could easily be handled by an SEC team.

USC Athletic Director is also on the committee but has been excused for this season because he’s basically a hot head that does stupid things randomly.
Here is Pat Haden’s top 10:

1. USC

2. Southern Cal

3. University of Southern California

4. SC

5. The Trojans

6. Men of Troy


8, Oregon

9. Boston College

10, Can’t think of any other schools other than Notre Dame

Boston College would be on his list because they beat USC early in the season.


Condoleeza Rice’s top 10:


1. Stanford

2. Oregon

3. Stanford Women’s Basketball

4. Stanford Volleyball

5. USC


7. Arizona State

8. Arizona

9. California

10. University of Denver



Don’t get riled SEC fans, USC fans and Condoleeza Rice fans. I am just having a little fun.
However, every member of this selection committee is going to be biased and that’s pretty much a fact. I don’t know why these people were picked, but there is definitely an agenda because there always is.

My agenda is to have the best teams in the country in the playoffs irregardless of where they are from or how I feel about them.

Why didn’t I get picked to be on this committee, other than the fact that nobody knows who I am?

Either way, I like that we have a playoff and I like the SEC and USC. I even like Condoleeza Rice.

There just has to be a better way to pick the participants in this playoff.

One thought on “New Playoff Selection Committee

  1. dalice

    Haha! That is too funny! I am very curious as to how this will all play out. I anticipate a lot of angry fans when the top four are picked.


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