Auburn Goes Down

You live by the break, then eventually you die by the break. It’s sort of like the proverbial saying ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’.

I am a fan of Auburn and am not trying to take anything away from what they have done the past 2 seasons.

But, even if you are the most hardcore Auburn Tiger or War Eagle fan, you have to admit they have been pretty lucky the last 2 years. That has to catch up with you eventually because you just can’t catch a break every time.

Last season the Auburn Tigers won the SEC and played in the national title game against Florida State and they lost in the last few seconds. Auburn was a great team last season and has a unique offense that works almost to perfection and is hard to stop by even the best of defenses.

On their way to the title in 2013, the Tigers caught more than their share of lucky breaks.

The ‘Prayer at Jordan Hare’ play was possibly the most lucky play I have ever seen in sports. It was just an SEC game so it couldn’t be compared to the Immaculate Reception which took the 1972 Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl.

But, without the crazy lucky ‘Prayer at Jordan Hare’ catch the Auburn Tigers would have been out of the SEC Title race.

Then, there was the ‘Kick Bama Kick’ play at the end of the Iron Bowl which gave Auburn the SEC West Championship and a berth in the SEC Championship Game. Why Nick Saban won’t recruit a top kicker is for another post, but bad kicking has almost been as much of a problem for Alabama as it was for Bobby Bowden at Florida State with all of those missed Field Goals to lose games.

Auburn had more than it’s fair share of breaks in 2013 which lead to them almost winning a national championship.

2014 has pretty much been the same at times. They beat Kansas State in Manhattan on a Thursday Night due to the Wildcats missing 3 Field Goals and always reliable and dependable Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett dropped a Touchdown pass in the End Zone which was then intercepted killing a Wildcat scoring opportunity.

Auburn dropped a few passes, too, but they did just enough to win and were extremely fortunate that Kansas State had so many mistakes.

They did lose to Mississippi State this year, but they lost to LSU last season.  So, one loss wasn’t enough to keep them out of the title game

Last week, the Auburn Tigers traveled to Oxford, Mississippi to take on the Ole Miss Rebels. It was a fantastic game won by the Tigers because of a Bo Wallace fumble followed by a Laquan Treadwell fumble which more than likely would have won the game for the Rebels. Treadwell was injured on the play and lost for the season and the Ole Miss Rebels with possibly the best team they have ever had is pretty much out of the title picture.

All of those breaks finally caught up with the Auburn Tigers yesterday.

They obviously took the Texas A%M Aggies lightly coming into their game which turned out to be a huge mistake. The Aggies, after losing to Mississippi State then to Ole Miss and Alabama appeared to be on the ropes  ready to take a dive. The Crimson Tide beat the Aggies by an embarrassing 59-0 score.

The Auburn Tigers were favored by 24 points. When you are favored by 24 points it is so easy to overlook your opponent.

What goes around, comes around.

Within the final 3 minutes of this shootout of a game with the Aggies leading 41-38, the Tigers fumbled on the Aggie 1 yard line. After forcing a punt, the Tigers lost another fumble when All American Auburn Center Reese Dismukes snapped the ball when Auburn Quarterback Nick Marshall was not ready and he did not get possession of the ball. The Aggies recovered which ended the game and probably placed the Auburn Tigers on the outside looking in just like a number of other good SEC teams like LSU and Ole Miss.


The same rain falls on the just and the unjust.


Auburn was 3-9 in 2012, and SEC champions the next. Losing because you fumble at the one yard line is about as hard as it comes on the human spirit, but now the Tigers can relate to what Ole Miss has had to deal with last week. That game was almost identical at the end with the Tigers getting the breaks in that one and the Aggies in this one.

But, that’s just football and the way the ball bounces sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Auburn Goes Down

  1. Siriusxm Internet Radio

    Wouldn’t be surprised if both JJ and Sean end up on the bench next year and Gus goes with the JUCO QB commit. In the time he has been at Auburn the most success he has had is with an athletic JUCO QB taught to play the position by someone else. He needs to get over it and let QBs receive extra coaching from the like of George Whitfield if they choose to. He did do a good job with Chris Todd but his ability to develop coaching up QBs appears to be lacking.

    1. Brad Post author

      JUCO QB John Franklin is super athletic and fast and you are right because of the success of Nick Marshall who was also super athletic and fast. I am not totally sure that Franklin has the same kind of arm strength as Marshall, but then he was recruited by Florida State to play QB.


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