Get Thee Behind Me Saban

I wish I had thought of that title, but I didn’t. I saw it in ‘Season of Saturdays: A History of College Football in 14 Games’ by Michael Weinreb. His words were actually ‘Get Behind Me Saban’, but I turned it into an Old King James version. The Old King James version was actually the Bible used by Jesus and his Apostles. (That’s a joke for any humorless readers)

In the 2015 season, Alabama lost to Ole Miss for the second year in a row. The media began slamming the Crimson Tide shortly after saying that the dynasty was over. In the College Football

Crazy Poll Alabama never left the top 10 and they were actually number 1 for some of the late season Polls.

As everyone knows, Alabama won the SEC yet again. Then, they made the playoffs and beat an overrated Michigan State.

Clemson versus Alabama turned out to be a very good championship game with the Tide barely getting by to win yet another national championship.

In the very first college football playoff of 2014, Ohio State had to rally to beat Alabama and Saban

If a school wants to win a national championship, they are more than likely going to have to get by Alabama and Saban once more in 2016.

That won’t change until somebody involves an exorcist and casts Nick Saban out of college football.

As long as Saban is around, Alabama has a legitimate shot at the championship and all roads will have to go through the Crimson Tide.

Saban may, or may not, be the best coach in the country. But, whatever he is, his program is the most consistent at recruiting and they just always have really good talent on their roster. They normally have head and shoulders more talent than anyone they play.

Losing Kirby Smart won’t matter in the slightest. Saban quickly hired Georgia’s old Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and he hit the ground running. I do believe that Pruitt was part of Mark Richt’s problem at Georgia, but he’s still a good coordinator and Saban won’t put up with any


Like last season, Alabama has to find another Quarterback. But, they have plenty of prospects on the roster including Cooper Bateman, David Cornwell, Blake Barnett and Jalen Hurts. Bad news for Bama haters is the Tide will bring in a super talented kid from Hawaii named Tua Tagovailoa. He is committed for the class of 2017 and even though he’s listed as the 6th best dual threat Quarterback, he is probably much better than that.

The biggest loss for the Alabama offense was Heisman winner Derrick Henry. But, Bo Scarbrough and Damien Harris should get it done.

Center Ryan Kelly is another big loss.

On the defensive side Reggie Ragland, Jarran Reed, A’Shawn Robinson, Cyrus Jones and Geno Matias-Smith will be missed. But, the Tide will continue to roll as they just reload. This just gives other top young players a chance to play.

Guys like Reuben Foster, Tim Williams, Eddie Jackson, Da’Shawn Hand, Marlon Humphrey and so many others will be the big stars now.

Maybe the media members writing off Alabama should try their hand at writing romance novels. Or,

maybe they should try comedy writing, because they were way off last year when they wrote off Nick Saban and Alabama.

The opposite is also true in that the SEC Network talking heads saying that Alabama would pistol whip Clemson need to step back and refocus. That championship game could have gone either way.

Alabama will be there when the smoke clears at the end of the season. They will beat Ole Miss and they will win the SEC yet again, because let’s face it the Alabama Crimson Tide really is the SEC.

Anybody wanting to beat Alabama is going to have to do something about Nick Saban. If an exorcist is the only way to go, then I suggest people get busy with that.

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