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Last season, I was not writing this blog. David Cutcliffe from Duke was named coach of the year. What?

He certainly deserved some attention for what he did at Duke. But, anyone ever hear of Gus Malzahn?

When a coach takes a 3-9 team in any conference and the very first season he coaches that team he wins the conference title and plays for the national championship, that coach deserves to be named coach of the year.

There are no real Gus Malzahn and Auburn stories this season.

But, there is Gary Patterson and TCU.

Patterson has been head coach at TCU since the end of the 2000 season when Alabama hired previous Horn Frog coach Dennis Franchione to take over their program.

His first season in Fort Worth was a struggle and the Toads went 6-6. After that, his program accelerated to new levels of success rarely seen at TCU.

For the 2012 season the Horn Frogs joined the Big 12 and things started to look bleak for TCU. Their first year in the Big 12, they went 7-6.

Last season, TCU had an awful year going 4-8. Before last season, people talked about Patterson when any big job opening came up. But, his stock started to drop after 2013 happened.

2014 was a whole different ball game. TCU and Patterson, were always known for good, solid defensive play.

In 2014, their offense stepped up and just dominated from game one. Of course, the guy that made things go for the Horn Frogs was Quarterback Trevone Boykin.

Boykin played in 2012 and 2013, but his light bulb just came on in 2014 and everything just clicked for him and his teammates.

Patterson, Boykin, and the rest of the Horn Frogs turned it all around in 2014 going 11-1 and grabbing a share of the Big 12 title.

A lot of people were disappointed when the Frogs didn’t get a playoff berth.

Just please remember that I have been warning people on this blog since the beginning about this Selection Committee. Things just don’t add up when people with agendas are involved and make no mistake about it, these folks have an agenda.
Taking a team that was 4-8 and turning them into a championship ball club is worthy of mention as coach of the year and Gary Patterson is this blog’s first ever coach of the year winner.


In 14 seasons at TCU, Gary Patterson has coached the Horn Frogs to a 131-45 record.

Honorable Mention:

Paul Johnson – Georgia Tech:

Rich Rodriguez – Arizona:

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