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Will Grier West Virginia 2017 and Beyond

You can’t argue that Will Muschamp could not recruit. The man could definitely recruit like very few others.

Muschamp was the head coach in waiting at Texas, but he apparently got tired of waiting on Mack Brown to retire and maybe he just wanted to go back home to Florida. His very first recruiting class at Florida was led by the number one Dual Threat Quarterback recruit in the country in Jeff Driskel. All the Gator fans blamed Driskel for Florida Offensive woes, but he is now a back up Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals.

In his 2012 class, Muschamp signed Skyler Mornhinweg who was a 4 star Quarterback out of Philly, who was the son of former Eagles coach Marty Mornhinweg. After some fruitless playing time for

the Gators, he transferred to Columbia.

With his 2013 recruiting class, Muschamp grabbed 6-6, 238 Max Staver from Brentwood, Tennessee. Staver transferred to Houston Baptist and then to Maine.

Will Grier was the 3rd rated Dual Threat Quarterback in the 2014 recruiting class only behind Deshaun Watson and Brandon Harris. He redshirted in 2014 during Muschamp’s last season. As a redshirt freshman in 2015, Grier was the starter and playing well before he was suspended for using an illegal substance. I believe it was an honest mistake, but it is what it is. Grier transferred like the rest of the Florida Quarterbacks that Will Muschamp recruited. How he was convinced to come to Florida and play in that anemic offense at the time is almost mind boggling.

I believe Will Grier is a talent and can play.

I also believe he will prove that at West Virginia in 2017.

High school stats don’t mean a lot in the big picture, but Will Grier was an incredible high school Quarterback. In Davidson, North Carolina at Davidson Day School Grier threw for an amazing 14,565 yards and 195 Touchdowns during his career. He also ran for 2,995 yards and 31 more Touchdowns. During his senior season alone, Grier threw for 4,989 yards and 77 Touchdowns. He also ran for 1,251 yards and 13 Touchdowns as a senior. He even threw for over 800 yards in a single game during his junior season.

Grier was listed as 6-3, 180 and everybody was after him with numbers like this guy put up. Florida

and Will Muschamp beat out nearly everybody for his services.

Muschamp was fired, and the Gators replaced him with Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain. At Florida, McElwain inherited Quarterbacks Treon Harris and Will Grier. They came in together with the 2014 class, but Harris played as a true freshman while Grier redshirted. Harris and Grier both played early in 2015 with Grier taking over the starting job. Grier threw for 1,204 yards and 10 Touchdowns with 3 Interceptions while leading the Gators to a 6-0 start. Then, he was suspended.

The Gators were 6-0 with Grier starting and 4-4 without him. To be perfectly fair, the Gators later schedule was a little tougher than it was earlier in the season.

Grier eventually transferred to West Virginia where he has a shot at becoming a star as early as 2017.

While on the way to West Virginia, Will Grier became a married man and has a small daughter. With most guys, that means he will be mature and more eager to succeed for his family than most. He is also now 22 years old.

For 2017, Will Grier is a guy to keep an eye on.