So Much for the Return of Beamer Ball

I posted a couple of weeks ago about Virginia Tech after they had beaten Ohio State at home, 35-21. The Hokies won 11 games in the 2011 season. Then, the Hokies went 7-6 and 8-5 the following two seasons. Starting the 2014 season at 2-0 with a big win over the Buckeyes in Columbus, it certainly appeared that the Hokies were back.

Last week, East Carolina came into Blacksburg, Virginia and shockingly beat the Hokies. East Carolina went up 21-0 and Virginia Tech came back but East Carolina held on for the win, 28-21. This game could have been a fluke. The Hokies defense only gave up 75 yard rushing to the East Carolina Pirates. But, they did throw the ball for 427 yards and 3 touchdowns. That old Virginia Tech defense just doesn’t seem to be around anymore.

The loss against the East Carolina Pirates was last week and the Hokies rarely lose at home and even more rarely lose at home two weeks in a row.

Well, they did lose again.

Georgia Tech came in to play the Hokies and left with a 27-24 victory and a lot of upset Virginia Tech fans.

Against East Carolina, the Hokies gave up huge number through the air and against Georgia Tech is was huge numbers on the ground. Quarterback Justin Thomas ran for 165 yards and led the Yellow Jackets to 250 rushing yards.

My hope in the Hokies was the addition of transfer Quarterback Michael Brewer and he threw 0 Touchdowns and 3 costly interceptions.

Football is a team game and I hate to place the blame of a season starting to go sour on any one player. But, after the Ohio State game, some were willing to put the reason for the resurgence on one player, so it’s only fair if the blame goes there as well.


Virginia Tech is now standing at 2-2 with lots of football left in 2014. They have Western Michigan next and then they get into their ACC schedule which isn’t all that difficult.

They still have a shot at having a pretty good season if they can get it together now and stop turning the ball over. This Virginia Tech team has some quality young players who should only get better  as the season progresses.

Keep an eye on Freshmen Running backs Shai McKenzie and Marshawn Williams. Also, Freshmen Wide Receivers Isaiah Ford and Cam Phillips. Freshman Tight End Bucky Hodges also is putting up some good numbers.

This offense is just really young and right now they are inconsistent and the 2-2 record indicates that.

Beamer Ball still could be back, but they have to pretty much win the rest of their games.

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