SEC Wasted a Saturday

With all of those Saturdays without football in the Winter, Spring and Summer, I sort of resent wasting one of my Fall Saturdays. Technically, without the Bowl games, we only have 15 football Saturdays in any given football season.

Ole Miss, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Missouri and Tennessee are not the target of my wrath.

But, the other 8 schools are on my list.

It’s bad enough that Steve Spurrier goes to his press conference bitching and moaning about how good South Alabama was. Oh, please.

The only thing Spurrier got right is that South Carolina is not very good and neither is South Alabama. So, spare us the insulting press conferences declaring the greatness of mediocre teams.


All of the SEC coaches from Spurrier, to Nick Saban, and Gus Malzahn, Will Muschamp and Mark Richt were all stating the superiority of this week’s cream puffs.


I would actually respect these guys more if they would just come out and tell the truth.


This as a bye week for 8 SEC teams with South Carolina taking on South Alabama.

The Crimson Tide played powerhouse Western Carolina. Florida bored us all with Eastern Kentucky. Auburn caused even the most hardcore football fans to tune them out by playing Samford.

Georgia took on Charleston Southern and I am not sure what they accomplished by that.


These games were so dull that I almost wanted to watch Harvard versus Yale.


Thanks should go out to LSU and Texas A%M for just going ahead with a Bye week so the networks could show other football games instead of these beat downs of inferior programs.


SEC fans will counter with the toughness of their conference and the teams deserving a break. That may be true, but if the SEC is so tough then playing a better quality opponent should not bother them that much.


The SEC scheduled these types of teams for early in the season and that is fine. But, in November when the season is going strong there is no reason to play teams like these other than to pad your stats which is really what the SEC is after.


Again, if you have read this blog before you would know that I love the SEC and it’s schools. I love college football which explains why I write a blog about it.

But, please don’t insult fans with these types of games this late in the season.

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