New Poll October 11th

1. Ohio State 6-0: Still not impressive, but still winning and it’s hard to remove them from the top spot while undefeated.

2. TCU 6-0: The Horn Frogs barely escaped Manhattan, Kansas with a win just like they barely beat Texas Tech in Lubbock.

3. Alabama 5-1: Continues to win in spite of experts ruling them out.

4. Baylor 5-0: Ran up the score on a high school team again.  Conference play needs to eliminate one of Baylor or TCU.

5. Michigan State 6-0: Still winning, but still struggling against average teams. They’ve had injury problems in their Offensive Line.

6. Clemson 5-0: The Tigers are one of hte more impressive teams in the nation right now and are doing that against better teams and not pushovers.

7. Florida State 5-0: The Seminoles are still undefeated and still disrespected. With Dalvin Cook in the lineup they are tough.

8. LSU 5-0: The Tigers are giving up way too many points to average teams right now.

9. Texas A%M 5-0: The Aggies were off.

10. Notre Dame 5-1: The Irish beat the best Navy team in years fairly easily.

11. Ole Miss 5-1: The Rebels played a high school team from New Mexico.

12. Michigan 5-1: Wolverines have improved more than any team in America.

13. Florida 6-0: They roughed up Missouri to take command of the SEC East.

14. Utah 5-0: Kirk Herbstreit has them as a marginal playoff team. Huh?

15. Stanford 4-1: Nobody knows what happened to them in game 1. They are different now.

16. Oklahoma State 6-0: Survived one of the tougher environments in the country in West Virginia to remain unbeaten. They are unbeaten, but I am not impressed, still.

17. Boise State 5-1:  The Broncos beat up on Colorado State.

18. Iowa 6-0: Excellent defense

19. UCLA 4-1: The Bruins were off and preparing for Thursday Night game against Stanford. Somebody will be eliminated from the leader board.

20. Oklahoma 5-1:  You can’t judge a team by a rivalry game. Will the Sooners bounce back?

21. Memphis 5-0: Memphis was off and has Ole Miss next. Dirt bag Mussburger laughed at Memphis on the air on Saturday Night when he was ruining the Missouri/Florida game.

22. California 5-1: Lost to Utah, but the experts have the Utes in the playoffs.

23. Penn State 5-1: Since being upset by Temple, the Lions have not been bad.

24. Duke 5-1: These team has shown a lot of heart.

25. Toledo 5-0: The Rockets are 1-0 in SEC play and 1-0 against the Big 12. Granted the 2 teams they have beaten are not all that.

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