New Poll November 2nd

1. Mississippi State: 8-0. The Bulldogs had their hands full with the Arkansas Razorbacks but the Hogs are better than people realize. The Bulldogs have 2 more tests on their schedule with Bama and Ole Miss before beating up the far inferior SEC East winner.

2. Florida State: 8-0. Say what you want, but the Seminoles showed a lot of heart on Thursday night and all season for a team that has had so many distractions. Only a complete SEC homer would write them off right now.

3. Alabama: 7-1.  Alabama still might be the best team in the nation. They still have LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn waiting. If they beat all of those schools, then they will probably win it all.

4. Auburn: 7-1. The Tigers were very lucky against Ole Miss, but they are a sensational team regardless of that outcome.

5. Notre Dame: 7-1. The Fighting Irish struggled against Navy, but a win is a win and Navy is unorthodox. The Irish travel to Arizona State next and they have Louisville and USC remaining.  If they win out, they deserve some consideration for the playoff.

6. Ole Miss: 7-2. The so called experts will write off the Rebels while promoting Auburn after the Tigers beat Ole Miss, but the Tigers were very fortunate that Laquan Treadwell fumbled a few inches before crossing the goal line. Ole Miss is still one of the nation’s very best teams.

7. Oregon: 8-1. Oregon managed to get by their biggest nemesis in recent years on Saturday when they beat the stuffing out of David Shaw and Stanford.

8. Michigan State: 7-1. The Spartans were off preparing for Ohio State which is coming up this week in another of those games I have been looking forward to for a while. These Spartans aren’t as tough as last year’s version.

9. Ohio State: 6-1. It’s now or never time for the Buckeyes. If they can beat the Spartans, they are back in the playoff discussion.

10. LSU: 7-2. The Tigers were written off weeks ago, but that was a mistake. Why would you remove the LSU Tigers from the top 25 when their only losses were to the #1 and the #4 teams? The Tigers have a rough road ahead of them with Bama next and then Arkansas and the Aggies.


11. Baylor: 7-1. Kansas was the perfect opponent for Baylor and those that are impressed by schools that run up the score against hapless opponents.

12. TCU: 7-1. The Frogs survived a trip to West Virginia, which is admirable. Baylor didn’t.

13. Georgia: 6-2. Georgia is one of the more disappointing teams in the Nation.

14. Kansas State: 7-1. The Wildcats of Kansas State are not greatly talented but the team has a lot of heart just like their coach, Bill Snyder.

15. Arizona State: 7-1. The Sun Devils have Notre Dame coming to town this week. This game will either make or break them.

16. Clemson: 6-2. Quarterback Deshaun Watson is the next big thing. He will continue to get better and better as he gains experience. With 2 losses, this season could be considered a disappointment.

17. Missouri:  7-2. This is one of the strangest teams in college football. Who knows which Tiger team will show from week to week.

18. Wisconsin: 6-2. The Badgers have one of the top players in the nation in Melvin Gordon which makes them worth a watch.

19. Nebraska: 8-1. Like the Badgers, the Huskers have one of the top Running Backs in the country. But, they also have All American Defensive End Randy Gregory.

20: Oklahoma:  6-2. The Sooners hit a mid season snag, but they looked much better Saturday.


21. Duke: 7-1.  Duke beat Pittsburgh in Overtime and they gave up a lot of yardage and points. They also showed some heart.

22. UCLA: 7-2. UCLA has been the biggest disappointment of the season. They finally played some defense facing one of the nation’s best offenses.

23. Arizona: 6-2. The Wildcat pretty much blew any shot they had against UCLA.

24. Iowa: 6-2. The Hawkeyes keep hanging around.

25. Marshall: 8-0. Nice winning percentage, but their schedule looks like the schools the SEC pads their records against.

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