CFC New Poll 2015 Preseason

After Spring Practices and depth charts have been checked plus recruiting lists:

1. Ohio State: Unanimous #1. The Buckeyes are deep and they are talented, but can they get past Virginia Tech this season.

2. Alabama: AP has them at #3. Alabama is loaded. We aren’t sure who is going to Quarterback yet.

3. TCU: AP has them at #2. I really don’t think they will be the 3rd best team in the country, but time will tell.

4. USC: The AP Poll has them at #8. I don’t feel completely comfortable going out on a limb here with Southern Cal, but they are talented on both sides of the ball.

5. Auburn: On the AP list, they are #6. Auburn has had an impressive offense since Malzahn arrived, but now they should have a defense to match.

6. Baylor: #4 in the AP Poll and I don’t even like them at #6 on my own Poll but they don’t play anybody and will run up the scores on hapless opponents.

7. Florida State: AP has them at #10, but I am not sure they get it. Have they seen the young talent on this team? A Quarterback must emerge, but they have some good options.

8. Georgia: The Bulldogs are #9 on AP. They are pretty much an enigma. The talent is there and the recruiting is off the charts.

9. Michigan State: Ranked #5 in the AP Poll. The Spartans have one of the top Offensive Lines in the country and good skill position people, plus they should have defense again.

10. Oregon: I think this ranking is a bit too good for the Ducks, but again time will tell. The AP Poll has them at #7. Losing Marcus Mariota is a big, big deal.

11. Notre Dame: The AP Poll has them at 11 as well. The Irish tend to be overrated yearly, but this team has a chance to be better.

12. Arizona State: They are #15 in the AP Poll. They are here on my Poll because of returners on defense and because of excellent talent on offense.

13. Georgia Tech: #16 on AP, my Poll has them a little better in the rankings. The defense must improve somewhat, but the offense should be good again.

14. Arkansas: Coming in at #18 on the AP Poll, the Piggies will be one of the best teams in the country if they can get past Alabama and Auburn and others.

15. Ole Miss: The Rebels are ranked #17 in the AP Poll. They will need somebody at Quarterback to make a move and take over, but the defense could be great.

16. Clemson: The Tigers are #12 in the AP, but they are young at many positions. Dabo Swinney has recruited some serious talent lately.

17. LSU: 14th position in the AP Poll. Like Ole Miss, they could use a Quarterback to step up and take leadership. They have everything else.

18. Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Badger are 20th in the AP Poll, but they should not drop off much with new coaching.

19. Oklahoma: The Sooners have a brand new offense, but they lost nearly every Offensive Lineman. They should be ranked, but it’s not so clear where it should be.

20. Texas A%M: Not ranked by the AP, but hiring Chavis as Defensive Coordinator should improve them on that side of the ball and offense shouldn’t be a problem.

21. Tennessee: Ranked at 25 by the AP, I really think the Volunteers will be much better than that and probably Georgia’s biggest competition for the SEC East.

22. UCLA: The AP Poll has them at #13, but I am not comfortable with the Quarterback situation. The rest of the team is super talented, but there seems to be something missing. The hiring of former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley could be huge.

23. Mississippi State: Not ranked by the AP, but they are the ones that hyped up Dak Prescott so much last season.

24. Stanford: # 21 in the AP Poll and they could surprise the nation this season. Their biggest limitation could be a young defense, but it will be talented.

25. Missouri: The Tigers are #24 on the AP Poll. They’ve won the SEC East the past 2 seasons and might show everyone and win it all again.

25A. Arizona: The Wildcats are ranked 22nd in the AP Poll and have some good young talent and are the defending Pac 12 South Champions.

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