2012 Class of Offensive Tackles. Wow!

I just posted about the Quarterbacks in the class of 2012 and what an overall bust that season was. Offensive Tackles during that season were strangely different. Of course, there are other options for an Offensive Tackle such as Offensive Guard and Center.

The biggest reason for this particular post is to show that recruiting might be a crap shoot, but it also pays off.


1. D.J. Humphries (6-6, 275) Charlotte, North Carolina: Long term starter at Offensive Tackle when he wasn’t injured. Has declared for the NFL Draft and won’t be one of the top tackles picked, but still a good and productive player for the Gators.

2. Andrus Peat (6-7, 300) Tempe, Arizona: Every bit as good as advertised if not more. Should go amongst the top Offensive Tackles in this year’s NFL draft. Very good college player for the Stanford Cardinal.

3. Arik Armstead (6-8, 280) Elk Grove, California: Signed with Oregon and played Defensive End for them pretty well. Has declared for the NFL and should be drafted. However, the scouts definitely had it right with Armstead. He could be All-World as an Offensive Tackle, he’s probably not athletic enough to play Defensive End at the next level.

4. Kyle Murphy (6-6, 270) San Clemente, California: Went to Stanford and has been a good Right Tackle for them. Will be back for senior season and has a chance to improve his game further. Good player.

5. John Theus (6-6, 295) Jacksonville, Florida: Georgia starting Left Tackle and coming back for

senior year. Will be a 4 year starter for them and helped open holes for Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb. Extremely talented Tackle.

6. Brandon Greene (6-5, 285) Ellenwood, Georgia: Signed with Alabama, but hasn’t done much there as of yet. He will be a junior next season so there is still some time.

7. Kennedy Estelle (6-7,310) Pearland, Texas: Was a part of the Texas Longhorn class and started at Right Tackle. Was suspended from team by new coach Charlie Strong and is no longer with the team, but the talent was there.

8. Avery Young (6-5, 290) Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Starting Right Tackle for the Auburn Tigers, so he has panned out so far.

9. Max Tuerk (6-5, 290) Rancho Santa Margarita: Signed with the USC Trojans and they moved him to Center which is where he currently starts.

10. Jordan Diamond (6-6,290) Chicago, Illinois: Still on the roster, but is not in the 2 deep.

8 out of the top 10 players on the Offensive Tackle list either started at Offensive Tackle or at Center. Much different than the Quarterback position which was considerably less successful.


If you really aren’t interested in football details, you might want to pass on the rest of this article. But, I wanted to point out that recruiting is not as big of a roll of the dice at other positions besides Quarterback. Quite a few Offensive Tackles are listed below and I did not list some that were back ups on their teams.


15. Zach Banner (6-8, 305) Lakewood, Washington: Starting Right Tackle for USC.

16. Brock Stadnik (6-5, 290) Greensboro, North Carolina: Plays Guard for South Carolina.

17. Paul Thurston (6-5, 275) Arvada, Colorado: Starts at Center for the Cornhuskers.

18. J.J. Denman (6-6, 310) Fairwell Hill, Pennsylvania: Will start at Right Tackle for Rutgers in 2015.

19. Dan Voltz (6-5, 290) Barrington, Illinois: Starts at Center for the Wisconsin Badgers.

21. Evan Goodman (6-4, 270) Lakeland, Florida: Slated to start at Left Tackle for Arizona State.

22. Michael Wilson (6-6, 265) Aledo, Texas: Starts at Left Guard for Oklahoma State.

23. Patrick Miller (6-7, 260) Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Started some for Auburn and has declared for NFL Draft.

24. Chris Muller (6-6, 290) Boyertown, Pennsylvania: Starts at Right Guard for Rutgers.

26. Germain Ifedi (6-6, 310) Houston, Texas: Starts at Right Tackle for the Aggies.

27. Erik Magnuson (6-5, 275) Carlsbad, California: Solid back up for the Michigan Wolverines.

30. Adam Bisnowaty (6-6, 275) Pittsburgh, Pa: Very good Left Tackle for Pittsburgh.

34. Ronnie Stanley (6-6, 285) Las Vegas, Nevada: Starts at Tackle for the Fighting Irish.

35. Camrhon Hughes (6-6, 270) Killeen, Texas: Started some for Texas at Tackle.

37. Kyle Fuller (6-5, 275) Wylie, Texas: Starts at Center for Baylor.

41. Mark Harrell (6-5, 260) Charlotte, North Carolina: Back up Center, should start next season.

44. Graham Shuler (6-4, 265) Brentwood, Tennessee: Starting Center for Stanford and a good one.

47. Jordan Roos (6-5, 305) Celina, Texas: Starts at Left Guard for Purdue.

48. Jonah Pirsig (6-8, 300) Blue Earth, Minnesota: Starter at Right Tackle.

49. Ryan Brodie (6-5, 265) Long Branch, New Jersey: Will start in 2015 for Rutgers at Left Guard.

50. Ben Braden (6-5, 285) Rockford, Michigan: Right Tackle for the Wolverines in 2014.

57. Ereck Flowers (6-6, 295) Miami, Florida: Plays for Hurricanes and should be high draft pick.

59. Andrew Jelks (6-7, 270) Nashville, Tennessee: Starts at Left Tackle for Vanderbilt.

63. Taylor Decker (6-8, 310) Vandalia, Ohio: Starter at Right Tackle for national champions.

64. Michael Mooney (6-5, 265) Malvern, Pennsylvania: Starts at Left Tackle for Virginia.

66. Vaitai Halapoulivaati (6-5, 265) Haltom City, Texas: Right Tackle starter for TCU.

67. Jake Eldrenkamp  (6-4, 280) Bellevue, Washington: Slated to start at Left Tackle next season.

70. Daniel Burton (6-5, 275) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Starting Right Guard at Iowa State.

71. Blake Fromang (6-7, 280) Orlando, Florida: Short yardage Tight End for Vanderbilt.

74. William Holden (6-6, 270) Green Cove Springs, Florida: Starting Right Tackle at Vanderbilt.

75. Cedric Poutasi (6-4, 320) Las Vegas, Nevada: This guy has been a star at Left Tackle for Utah.

85. Greg Pyke (6-5, 315) Baltimore, Maryland: Starter at Right Guard for the Georgia Bulldogs.

86. Robert Conyers (6-4, 315) Miami, Florida: Ole Miss back up, but solid player.

88. Derrick Nelson (6-4, 280) Washington, DC: Starter in 2015 at Center. jack conklin michigan state

93. Trevon Armstead (6-5, 280) Port Arthur, Texas: Starts at Tight End for Baylor when they use one.

97. Jordan Swindle (6-6, 300) Saint John’s, Florida: Really good Right Tackle for Kentucky.

98. Jon Heck (6-5, 280) Jacksonville, Florida: Who is rating these people? Heck is starting at Right Tackle for the North Carolina Tar Heels. Father was a great player back in the day.



As far as the top Offensive Tackles of 2012 go, it’s slightly less than 50% of the guys that panned out and there is still time for many more to help out in their program’s Offensive Lines.

Then, in this same recruiting class there are guys like Michigan State’s Jack Conklin who starts at Left Tackle for the Sparttans and was not even rated coming out of high school.

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  1. dalice777

    What do you think was the reason Estelle didn’t make it under Coach Strong? Have you heard anything about that? I’m curious….was he just a stubborn man who says “don’t tell me what to do!”, or did he test positive for drugs? Wouldn’t go to class? I guess they have been very tight, holding on to info and respecting Estelle for whatever the reason is.


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