Tai’yon Devers Minnesota Defensive End

After playing only one year of high school football at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, Florida, Tai’yon Devers had 12 Quarterback sacks and 36 total tackles. He didn’t qualify academically so Devers went to Georgia Prep Sports Academy last year.

Devers is 6-4, 215 which is smaller for a Defensive End and he was rated either a 2 star, or a 3 star depending on which recruiting service you like. The Minnesota Gophers are probably never going to put together a top rated recruiting class for many reasons, and a game plan is probably to keep as many top Minnesota kids at home and rob some good talent out of the deep South.

Their last recruiting class had 20 players with 7 of them coming from the South.

On September 1st, 2016 which was a Thursday Night, Tai’yon Devers and his Minnesota Gopher teammates took on Oregon State from the Pac 12 Conference.

The Oregon State Beavers have struggled the past few seasons and last year they tried playing a couple of different true freshmen with not the greatest of results. This season, they have transfer Darrell Garretson from Utah State where he gained some good playing experience. In two seasons, Garretson threw for over 2,500 yards.

The improvement in the Oregon State offense was visible immediately.

They are improved, but it wouldn’t be enough in this game.

Garretson dropped back to throw and he started rolling out to his left. From out of nowhere, true freshman Defensive Lineman Tai’yon Devers arrived on the scene from Garretson’s backside and sacked him. While sacking him, Devers stripped the ball which was recovered by his teammates.

Later in the game, Garretson again dropped back to pass and again Devers out maneuvered the Oregon State Offensive Right Tackle and sacked the Quarterback again. Again, Garretson dropped

the ball and again the Minnesota defense recovered the fumble.

The 6-4, 215 Tai’yon Devers in his very first college football game and in limited playing time was very impressive while sacking the Quarterback twice. He also forced 2 fumbles.

Not a bad way to start your college football career. Right now, Devers is relying solely on his quickness. He will need to bulk up so that he can play on obvious run downs as well as on third and long.

Keep an eye on Tai’yon Devers as the season advances. He looks to have a really bright future.

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