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My Best Offensive Tackles 2016

1. Cam Robinson – Alabama: Robinson may have slipped some this season, but he still should be a top 10 pick in the next NFL Draft. Alabama Right Tackle and true freshman Jonah Williams outplayed Robinson most of the season. Robinson dropped about 15 pounds since last season and is 6-6, 310 which should have helped his quickness. Off field issues should drop him in the draft, but it won’t because the league doesn’t care.

2. Mitch Hyatt – Clemson: I like the sophomore Hyatt more than the pundits do and long term we will see who was correct. Hyatt is 6-5, 295 with excellent feet and quickness. Like Cam Robinson and Jonah Williams of Alabma, Hyatt started the moment he arrived on campus. Hyatt has been

handling hot shot Defensive Ends since he was a high school sophomore when he went had to head with the nation’s top recruit in Robert Nkemdiche and he more than held his own.

3. Jonah Williams – Alabama: Williams is just dominating in either pass or run blocking. As far as build, Williams is more like Mitch Hyatt and is 6-5, 295, but he more than handles any defensive player he goes up against. At Right Tackle this season, Williams will switch to the Left side next season and be more dominating than Cam Robinson has been.

4. Roderick Johnson – Florida State: The Offensive Line at Florida State did not have a great season and neither did Roderick Johnson. But, the previous two seasons and his long range potential still place him on this list. Johnson is 6-7, 310 and the true junior has started since his freshman season. There’s little doubt that Johnson will declare for the NFL at least when their bowl game is over.

5. Adam Bisnowaty – Pittsburgh: Another player that I think more highly than others do. Bisnowaty has started since his freshman season in 2013 on an Offensive Line that was very productive. Bisnowaty is 6-6, 305 with very little fat and he moves really well for a big man. He teams up with outstanding Left Guard Dorian Johnson to open up plenty of holes for the Pittsburgh running game.

6. Ryan Ramczyk – Wisconsin: There’s talk of Ramcyk leaving early and being a first round pick. I probably should have him ranked closer to number 1. Typical Wisconsin Offensive Lineman in that he is plenty big and a great run blocker. He’s 6-6, 315 with excellent feet and athletic ability. He hasn’t played all that much because Tyler Marz was the starter at Left Tackle in 2015. He is a junior, but may declare for the NFL. Plays with pain.

7. Trey Adams – Washington: Home state kid that doesn’t get enough appreciation nationally. Adams is 6-8, 310 that started as a true freshman in 2015 and came back this season as a sophomore

and was much bigger, stronger and just better. He’s a very good athlete for his size with outstanding feet and uses his hands well. He will have his hands more than full against Alabama as will the entire Husky Offensive Line. But, the improved Offensive Line play is a large reason the Huskies are 12-1 on the season.

8. Chad Wheeler – USC: Wheeler is another long term starter at Left Tackle. Wheeler bordered on the smallish side for a while, but he has beefed up to 310 pounds on his 6-6 frame. He’s very athletic for his size with outstanding feet. He blocks well downfield and is good in the screen game. Like the entire USC Offensive Line outside of Right Tackle Zach Banner, Wheeler has struggled with injury problems.

9. Jon Heck – North Carolina: The son of former Notre Dame Tight End and Offensive Tackle Andy Heck. Jon Heck has been coached since his youth. Andy Heck played on the last Notre Dame national champion team and many years in the NFL before getting into coaching and he’s currently the Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Line coach. Jon is very much like his father, talent wise, and has great size at 6-7, 300. He has started 48 career games at North Carolina and all at Right Tackle.

10. Chukwuma Okorafor – Western Michigan: Okorafor is 6-6, 330 and a very talented Offensive Tackle coming out of the surprising MAC unbeaten champions. The 13-0 Broncos have many stars on this team, none better than Wide Receiver Corey Davis. But, Okorafor is definitely the leader of their Offensive Line. Coming out of high school, Okorafor was offered by many big time programs, but he was not offered by Michigan, Michigan State. He signed with Western Michigan and he has been a difference maker.

11. Connor Williams – Texas: The Longhorns have had Offensive Line problems for a while. Williams came in with the 2015 recruiting class and started immediately. In his sophomore season in 2016, he has much improved and he provided protection for true freshman Quarterback Shane Buechele and 2,000 yard rusher D’Onta Foreman. Williams is 6-6, 290 with plenty of room for

growth and with some serious athletic ability.

12. Dan Skipper – Arkansas  6-10, 320. It’s funny that a 320 guy can seem slim, but at around 6-10 Skipper  holds the weight very well.  He started at Offensive Guard as a true freshman, then moved to Left Tackle and then Right Tackle before moving back to the left side. He is a 4 year starter at Arkansas and he has deceptive quickness for his tremendous size.

13. Mike McGlinchey – Notre Dame: Nobody in the country probably had a more disappointing season than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. McGlinchey played Right Tackle in 2015 and when Left Tackle Ronnie Stanley left for the NFL, he was moved over to the left side. At 6-7, 310 McGlinchey was not the reason for the Irish slumping this season. He’s very aggressive and moves really well for his size.

14. Zach Banner – USC: Absolute giant of a man at 6-9, 360. As large as he is, we have seen him beaten by quicker players off the edge. Chad Wheeler is the Left Tackle and Banner has been a fixture on the right side for a while. He is dominating in run blocking, but at times lacks the lateral quickness.

15. Brian O’Neill – Pittsburgh: O’Neill was recruited to Pittsburgh as a Tight End, but because of need he was moved to Offensive Tackle. He came to Pittsburgh at 6-6, 245 and now he’s 300 pounds. But, he kept his athleticism. O’Neill ran the ball twice for 29 yards and 2 Touchdowns. O’Neill might be the most athletic Offensive Tackle in the nation.

16. Conor McDermott – UCLA: Another super tall Tackle at 6-8, 310. The Bruins had a miserable season and especially after they lost Quarterback Josh Rosen. McDermott has been a long time starter at Left Tackle. He did not have a great senior season, but his potential is outstanding.

Some others:


Jeromy Irwin – Colorado: 6-5, 295 and a big part of the Buffalo resurgence.

Forrest Lamp – Western Kentucky: Plays Left Tackle for Western Kentucky, but probably

transforms to a Guard in the NFL.

Bentley Spain – North Carolina: Very good long term potential.


Matt Peart – Connecticut: Freshman Left Tackle from the Bronx. He’s 6-7, 305 and moves really well and looks to have a bright future.

Kaleb McGary – Washington: 6-7, 310 Tackle across from Trey Adams.

Geron Christian – Louisville: 6-6, 315 protected Heisman winner’s blind side.

Trevor Darling – Miami: Darling plays Left Tackle for the Canes.

Jonah Pirsig – Minnesota: Giant Right Tackle at 6-9, 325.

Orlando Brown – Oklahoma: Another giant at 6-8, 340

Victor Salako – Oklahoma State: 6-6, 335.

Ryan Bates – Penn State: Redshirt freshman