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Another Scott Frost Post

Wood River is a tiny Nebraska town of maybe 1,000 folks sitting next to, well, pretty much nothing. Scott Frost grew up in Wood River and started both ways on the varsity his entire time in high school. Coached by both his father and his mother, the young Frost had no choice but to be good and good he was. As a four year starter, Frost threw for nearly 7,000 yards and 67 touchdowns. He also ran for over 4,000 yards and 72 touchdowns.

Growing up in Nebraska, and being the son of former Husker athletes, it was expected that Scott Frost would just commit to play for the home state team immediately. Scott Frost was the perfect

quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the time of coach Tom Osborne. With the option offense that they ran, they needed a quarterback that can run and throw much along the lines of the incredible athlete, Scott Frost.

But, Stanford came calling and saying no to Bill Walsh apparently was difficult. Walsh had won 3 Super Bowls and coached Joe Montana. Walsh won the Pac 10 Conference title in his first season back in college football in 1992. He was considered one of the all time great football coaches.
Scott Frost broke the hearts of Nebraska and it’s fans by signing with Stanford.
Things must not have been as Frost wanted at Stanford. He came to play quarterback, but he was such an outstanding athlete that the Cardinal coaching staff had him playing safety, and he was starting. He also got a little action in at quarterback, but the team finished 4-7 which must have been difficult. The following season, Frost got more time at quarterback. Steve Stenstrom was the starter at quarterback and Frost also played some safety. But, he got enough time in at quarterback to throw 77 passes completing 33 good for 464 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Cardinal did not have a good season ¬†finishing 3-7-1 and that would be Bill Walsh’s last season coaching Stanford. He stepped down and the Cardinal hired Tyrone Cunningham to replace him.
Frost didn’t stick around, transferring back home and joining the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Some Husker fans never forgave him for first signing with Stanford first. But, most came to their senses.
He had to sit out the customary year because of transferring between schools, but Nebraska didn’t care because they had Tommie Frazier and Brook Berringer at quarterback that season. The 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers are still considered one of college football’s all time great teams after they finished 12-0 and blew out Florida in the national title game, 62-24.
Scott Frost took over the starting job in 1996 because Frazier had been a senior and Berringer had

been killed in a plane crash.

After going 25-0 over the past two seasons, 1996 was a huge disappointment to the Huskers. They lost their second game to Arizona State, 0-19, and they lost in the very first Big 12 championship game to Texas, 24-34. But, they still finished with an 11-2 record with plenty of hope for the future.
Frost was a senior in 1997 and he led the Huskers to an unbeaten season at 13-0. They shared the national championship with Lloyd Carr and the Michigan Wolverines. In 1997, Frost ran for over 1,000 yards and he passed for over 1,000 yards and the Huskers rolled over almost everybody including a little team down in Florida called UCF. The Central Florida Knights were only in their second season of playing major college football.
Finished with his college career, Frost was drafted by the New York Jets in the 3rd round of the NFL Draft. He played safety in the NFL for the Jets a few seasons, and then Cleveland, Green Bay and Tampa Bay for a total of 7 seasons.
Frost decided to give college coaching a shot and got his shot as a Graduate Assistant at Kansas State. After his one season as a GA, Frost got his first real coaching job at Northern Iowa as their linebackers coach. He was promoted to defensive coordinator after just one season and then was hired as the receivers coach at Oregon in 2009. Frost was offensive coordinator in 2013.
He was head coach at UCF by the end of 2015.
UCF was 0-12 in 2015. In his first season, the Knights won 6 games and this past season UCF finished with an extremely impressive 13-0 record.
In just two seasons, Frost transformed the Knights from 0-12 to 13-0. It all ended with the Knights upsetting proud SEC member Auburn in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, 34-27.
The Nebraska Cornhuskers slipped mightily after their legend, Tom Osborne, retired. They replaced

Osborne with long time assistant Frank Solich who coached the Huskers to some good seasons. However, in 2002, they slipped to 7-7. Even though the Huskers recovered and finished 9-3 in 2003, they fired him.

It’s probably not the greatest of ideas to fire a coach after he’s led his team to a 9-3 record. Although, it seems to be working currently at Georgia, most of the time other coaches are hesitant to take the job. The Huskers went through a long list of coaching candidates and were rejected by several much like the Tennessee job this year before they hired Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. The Huskers finally hired Bill Callahan and it was a disaster. Although he did have one 9-5 season, a lot of long time Husker enemies got their chance at revenge and blew Nebraska out in several games.
Callahan was gone after 4 seasons.
Bo Pelini took over the Nebraska head coaching job in 2008 and he did have some success. It was his off the field antics and his on the field tantrums that finally cost him his job even though he posted a fairly impressive 67-27 record in Lincoln.
In a somewhat strange move, after firing Pelini, the Husker quickly hired Mike Riley from Oregon State. Some people are still scratching their heads over this move because Riley had had limited success at Oregon State. Riley is a nice man which was totally opposite what they had with their former coach. Pelini won some games, but Riley struggled. After finishing 19-19 after 3 seasons and many embarrassing losses, the Huskers fired Mike Riley.
After firing Riley, the Huskers did what I thought they should have done 3 years ago. They hired Scott Frost as their next head coach.
Previously, this blog had some strong words to say in the matter:
In his press conference after being hired, Scott Frost said that he wasn’t ready the last time Nebraska

needed a head coach. But, I beg to differ. He was being modest.

The pressure is not as intense at UCF, but Frost is a cool man under pressure and he proved that again on New Year’s Day when he led his Knights past the powerful Auburn Tigers.
It probably won’t be this next football season, but in the very near future the Nebraska Cornhuskers shall return to the national title picture. The Big 10 needs a strong Nebraska and so does college football.
It’s going to be fun watching the Huskers over the next couple of years and to see what they can do with a coach like Scott Frost. I am ready.