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Flying Dogs and Beating Alabama

Years ago we had some neighbors with a couple of little boys. The father of the family was a truck driver and was almost always on the road, and the Mom stayed home with two young hellions.

Not sure what she did all day, but the boys ran wild and naturally they were always coming over to my house and getting into trouble. The boys’ Mom never seemed to care what they did or where they did it, or how it got done. I am sure anyone reading this knows the type, seemed like every neighborhood had it’s share of rowdy kids that were out of control.

We found out later why dad was always on the road other than making money.

These boys, let’s just call them Josh and Jared, eventually got a dog that was a boxer and they named him Tyson. Corny, I do realize, but I didn’t name the dog. Mike Tyson was the king of the boxing world  back in those years and I am sure there were a lot of male canine boxers named Tyson running around all over the United States.

Josh was the older boy and the instigator. Jared was the younger and if alone, he was a really good


Tyson was much like the boys, he was all over the neighborhood. As a lover of dogs, I liked the beast a lot, and he was good mannered fella. Tyson was mostly white with a variety of black spots on his body. He was a beautiful dog.

The boys, on the other hand, were always getting into my stuff and although I was mostly good to them they did tend to annoy folks, myself included. I threatened to spank Josh many times, but I rarely follow through with my big talk and it’s really not my place to spank other’s kids. Some people reading this will say spankings are wrong. Well, I got hundreds of them and look how I turned out.

We lived on a corner lot right above a creek and sort of high on a hill. A mid sized University was several blocks away and colleges meant college kids which meant speeders on our street. People were always speeding right by our house and it wasn’t exactly a safe place for wild boys or wild dogs to play.

The street in front of our house was not bad as far as traffic goes, but the side street was often pretty busy.

On one particular day I was working in my front yard, and the boys were being their usual selves, wild and crazy. Only this time they were playing in and around that busy side street and so was Tyson. But, Tyson was playing mostly in the middle of the street.

I started yelling at them to get out of the street and take Tyson with them. Of course, as usual, they did not listen and I warned them more than a couple of times.

Tyson kept running back and forth oblivious to  where he was. He was a dog, and he acted like a dog and that was expected. The boys, however, should have known better and I was not their father.

I had moved a little closer to the street and suddenly, out of nowhere, my greatest fears came into fruition. It was not one of the boys to be hit by a speeding car, it was that sweet ole dog, Tyson, and my life suddenly had turned into slow motion. It was like something out of a movie with a few seconds seemingly like an hour. All was well one moment, and then it wasn’t, and I hate to see living creatures lives taken away from them right before my eyes.

The car was one of those little sports cars that was really low to the ground and it was moving at a pretty high rate of speed, no doubt.

Tyson just happened to run right in front of the speeding car which never attempted at all to slow down.

The moment lives on in my memory like a video. Like they say now, you can’t unsee that.

Instead of hitting the ground rolling like a bigger vehicle would have done to the dog, this short car actually knocked good ole Tyson up into the air.

I still picture it now as I type this, that white dog with a few black spots on it went into the air in what my memory says was slow motion. He spun very slowly at least 10 feet in the air and flew for well over 150 feet into the neighbors yard in the house laying below ours on the hill.

We own rental properties, and the other house below us also belonged to us. Tyson flew from well in front of our house, all the way past our yard and into the drive way on the house below. I had to mow those yards all of the time and believe me when I say they were big.

The boys instantly starting wailing. They were rowdy, but as any boy is able, they loved their dog just like I loved my dog. They ran across the street, without looking for traffic first, I might add, and ran into their backyard crying with all the volume a child can muster, the entire way. It was a sad sight no matter how much I was annoyed with those boys. Their dog had just been knocked halfway across the city and there was nothing I could have done.

I could not see Tyson and was now focusing on those poor boys and I ran after them. Sure, they were rough and out of control, but their dad was always gone and they needed a male figure in their lives. A person that treated them with love and patience. I sucked at that job, but I had to keep trying.

By, the time I got to the back of their house, here came a scared, and shaken up, Boxer named Tyson running at full speed. Also, the college kids that had hit the poor rascal had eventually stopped and turned around and they were crying, too, just like the boys.

All this happened in a blink of an eye but it seemed to last for hours as the relief set in that Tyson was absolutely fine and not even a bruise on him. It was just amazing and I am not sure I would believe it if I had not seen the entire thing with my own eyes. Anyone reading this that doesn’t believe, I will swear on a stack of Bibles that I did not make this up.

The real Mike Tyson was one tough son of a gun that knocked a lot of other guys out back in his prime, but Tyson the dog was the much tougher fella.  Mike Tyson couldn’t stand up to Buster Douglas and Lenox Lewis, but Tyson took a hit from a car traveling around 50 and came back


There’s an old comment that a smart ass will say when somebody asks another person a question that might be considered ridiculous and will never happen. The smart ass will reply with the comment that something will happen ‘when pigs fly’. I suppose that would work for dogs, too.

How does this relate to college football? I’m getting to that.

Will somebody in the SEC beat out Alabama for the conference title in 2017? Yes, when dogs fly.

With Quarterback Jalen Hurts returning and outstanding freshman Tua Tagovailoa at Quarterback the Tide has 2 of the most dangerous players in the nation. They probably have the best group of Running Backs in the country this season including Bo Scarbrough, Damien Harris, true freshman Najee Harris and sophomores Josh Jacobs and BJ Emmons. All of these guys could easily start at most programs in the country.

They have a load of talent returning at Wide Receiver led by Calvin Ridley and watch out for spectacular true freshman Jerry Jeudy. Tight End lost Superman OJ Howard, but they have plenty of young guys coming up led by Miller Forristall.

The Offensive Line is going to be every bit as good as last season with Jonah Williams being one of the very best in the country.

The Defense has some good players to replace, but the recruiting is off the charts and there is plenty of talent such as Defensive Linemen Da’Ron Payne, Da’Shawn Hand, Linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton, and Defensive Back Ronnie Harrison.

The only SEC team that might give Alabama problems is their chief rival, Auburn. The Tigers have an outstanding Quarterback transfer in Jarrett Stidham which could make them really dangerous this season.

Otherwise, the chances of anyone else in the SEC beating out Alabama is like the event of dogs flying.

I have actually seen a dog fly, so anything can happen in the game of football.