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Malik Curry: Miami Walk-on Tight End 2017

Malik Curry, I salute you. Call me an avid admirer of somebody like you.

For a person from Albuquerque, New Mexico to pack up and leave a safe and secure place and walk-on at another program across the country takes a lot of courage.

Curry attended La Cueva High School in Albuquerque before attending the University of New Mexico. He did not play football at New Mexico and was just there as a student.

In high school, Curry played football and basketball and he was on the track team. Now, Curry is 6-3, 230 and he may have grown after he got to college. He only caught 3 passes as a senior and he registered 28 tackles as a Defensive End. Nobody recruited him at all, apparently.

It takes a lot of drive, desire and bravery to just decide to move from New Mexico to Miami, Florida and walk-on to the football team. I wish I had had that back when I was of age. I admire that.

Miami has a long history of Tight Ends filled with guys like Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow II, Greg Olsen, Bubba Franks, Jimmy Graham and a few more. It’s definitely one of the top Tight End producing schools and a destination you should seek out if you are wanting to play beyond college at Tight End.

Last season’s Tight End, David Njoku, was a 1st round draft pick this last draft. His replacement, Chris Herndon, looks almost like a mirror image of Njoku. He’s big, fast and talented with good hands and running ability after a catch. Njoku caught 43 passes in 2016, while Herndon caught 28.

Njoku is 6-4, 245 and Herndon is 6-4, 255. This year belongs to Chris Herndon.

In the early depth chart put out by Miami officials, obviously the top Tight End is Chris Herndon. Surprisingly, his back up and the 2nd team guy is one walk-on from Albuquerque, New Mexico named Malik Curry.

He moved ahead of 3 star true freshman Brian Polendey and Michael Irvin Jr.

Clearly, Miami Hurricane fans have high hopes for Michael Irvin Jr since his father is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a Miami legend.

In the Spring, Malik Curry got a lot of playing time because Michael Irvin Jr and Jovani Haskins were suspended. Apparently, he played pretty well, well enough to move up the depth chart to second string. Irvin hung around and took his punishment, but the talented Haskins decided he might be better off somewhere else. He decided things looked better for him at West Virginia.

I am of the belief that under former Cane Quarterback Mark Richt, the Hurricanes are well on their way back to their glory days.

For a guy that didn’t have any major college football offers and to move across the country and join a program that is famous for Tight Ends and for him to make it to second string, it’s kind of a big deal.

Herndon is a senior this season and the fight will be between Malik Curry, Polendey and Irvin Jr, plus anyone that signs this next year for the starting position.

Walk-on Curry playing the same position as Kellen Winslow, Jimmy Graham, Jeremy Shockey, Greg Olsen, Bubba Franks and all of those superstars of the past would be amazing. It would be like a young baseball player called up from the minors and walking into the old Yankee stadium for the first time. It also is a lot to live up to.

Malik Curry is a young man that people should be proud of. He’s got a lot of heart.