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Zach Gentry Michigan Tight End

The state of New Mexico is not famous for producing quality college football players and beyond. But, they have had a few really good players over the years. Brian Urlacher was a beast for the Chicago Bears at Linebacker after playing Safety at the University of New Mexico.

Robin Cole was a star Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers after also starring at New Mexico. Former Dallas Cowboy Running Back Don Perkins was another New Mexico Lobo.

Jim Everett played college football at Purdue, but he grew up in New Mexico. Former Houston Texans Running Back was one of the better backs in the NFL, he also came from New Mexico before playing college ball at Tennessee.

There are others, of course.

Zach Gentry was one of the better Quarterback recruits in the country, out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and he was ranked 9th in ESPN’s recruiting

lists as a drop back passer.

Early on, he committed to Quarterback starved Texas, but when Michigan’s new head coach Jim Harbaugh started recruiting Gentry, it was all over. Playing for Harbaugh was too hard to resist for Gentry and he flipped over to the Wolverines.

Watching his high school football highlights, Gentry seemed somewhat erratic as a passer. But, he was a tremendous athlete and he could run. He was listed as 6-7, 237 by ESPN and the guy ran like a Running Back. We can argue all day about his throwing mechanics, but for whatever reason, Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff moved Gentry to Tight End. Harbaugh played Quarterback in the NFL for a long time and he’s coached a lot of Quarterbacks including Andrew Luck. So, if Harbaugh thinks Gentry would be better off, long term, at Tight End then I have to believe.

It’s tough to go from high school Quarterback to college Tight End, but Gentry did not look like he feared contact at the high school level on his many runs. Hopefully, he can learn to become a good, to great, blocker.

Gentry is now listed on the Michigan roster as 6-7, 245 and he can stand to add a little muscle. But, the man can run there is no denying that.

If you missed the Michigan Spring Game, Gentry caught a pass from talented redshirt freshman

Brandon Peters. Gentry put a move on the Safety and made him miss and he took the pass the distance to the End Zone. On that run, he showed some good speed and elusiveness and the potential to be something of a super star.

Tyrone Wheatley Jr who is supposed to be 6-6, 275 ran into the End Zone and congratulated Gentry by jumping up on him. When he came down, Gentry looked to be much taller than Wheatley in case people don’t believe he is actually around 6-7. In all likelihood, both players are a little shorter than listed. But, both are still talented and looking like the future of Tight Ends in the Big 10.

Zach Gentry is gonna have to fight for playing time with Wheatley, 6-7, 250 Ian Bunting who is a senior, Sean McKeon and Nick Eubanks. All of these guys can play and will be competing for the same position. Michigan loves to run the ball, and blockers Wheatley and Bunting are probably much better blockers right now than Gentry.

It might not be this season, but keep an eye out for Zach Gentry. He could be a super Tight End in the future.