Predictions October 24th

Thursday Night October 22nd:

Temple 6-0 at East Carolina 4-3: East Carolina is favored by 3 points over an undefeated Temple. I am picking Temple to stay unbeaten.

Georgia Southern 5-1 at Appalachian State 5-1: This could be a great match up. Both schools are coming in at 5-1 and both of them had big losses that they bounced back from. Appalachian State is  favored by 6 points and I think they cover at home.

California 5-1 at UCLA 4-2: UCLA, under Jim Mora is one of the harder teams to figure. They were supposed to compete for a title this year, according to some, but start a true freshman Quarterback. The Bruins are favored by 3.5 points over California. The Bears are coming off of their first loss of the season at Utah and they gave the Bruins fits last year. I think UCLA might just win and cover the spread  because of California’s defense.

Friday Night October 23rd:

Memphis 6-0 at Tulsa 3-3: I would be interested to hear if Brent Musburger has an apology for Memphis after his laughing spell on national television. It’s time to ask whether Memphis has a good team, or the SEC is just overrated. It might be a little of both, but Memphis beating Ole Miss was no fluke. Memphis is favored by 10.5 points and is going to have to be careful not to overlook Tulsa at this point.  Memphis should cover the point spread and roll on.

Utah State 4-2 at San Diego State 4-3:  Utah State is favored by 5 and shouldn’t have a problem other than the game being in San Diego.


Saturday October 24th:

Houston 6-0 at UCF 0-7: University of Houston is favored by 21.5 over Central Florida and will easily win, but the question is will they cover. I think they will win by exactly 21.

Kansas State 3-3 at Texas 2-4: Texas is favored by 4 points but the odds makers obviously don’t know the history between these two teams. Kansas State has owned Texas and I pick KSU.

North Carolina State 4-2 at Wake Forest 3-4: North Carolina State is the favorite by 10 points and I see them winning but not covering.

Pittsburgh 5-1 at Syracuse 3-3: Pittsburgh has really come on lately and is favored by 6.5 and will cover the point spread, I believe.

Northwestern 5-2 at Nebraska 3-4: This Nebraska team is not all that bad but has had some seriously rotten luck. Northwestern started off with a bang but has been slammed the past 2 weeks. The Nebraska Cornhuskers are favored by 7.5 points and I don’t think they cover. The game should be close and a wild finish with Nebraska finally pulling a close one out.

Auburn 4-2 at Arkansas 2-4: Both of these schools have been huge disappointments and strangely Arkansas is favored by 5.5 points. I think the Pigs cover at home.

Clemson 6-0 at Miami 4-2:  Clemson is favored by 6.5 points in Miami and I do think they cover the spread. However, Miami is capable of pulling off an upset at home.

Boston College 3-4 at Louisville 2-4: Louisville is much better than their record indicates. Boston College still has the top defense in the country.  Louisville is favored by 8 points at home and I think they will win, but not sure I would take the points.

Toledo 6-0 at Massachusetts 1-5: Toledo is favored by 14 points and they should cover on the road.

Virginia 2-4 at North Carolina 5-1: The Tar Heels are favored by 17.5 points and they should more than cover.

Middle Tennessee 3-4 at Louisiana Tech 4-3: Louisiana Tech is favored by 7 points and probably will cover at home.

Wisconsin 5-2 at Illinois 4-2: Wisconsin is favored by 6.5 points and they should take this game in a close one.

Penn State 5-2 at Maryland 2 – 4: The Nittany Lions are not a bad team and Maryland really is. Penn State is favored by 6.5 and should cover the spread. These two schools have never liked each other.

Indiana 4-3 at Michigan State 7-0: Michigan State stepped up big time last week against Michigan and still should have lost the game if not for a lucky play. Michigan State is favored by 16.5 and should cover at home and with the injuries suffered by Indiana.

Duke 5-1 at Virginia Tech 3-4:  Virginia Tech is favored by 2.5 points and they are the hardest team to figure out in football. Duke is still in the mix of things in the ACC race. Duke needs a win here, badly, but so does Virginia Tech. I am picking Duke in something of an upset.

Tennessee 3-3 at Alabama 6-1:  Reports of Alabama’s demise were greatly exaggerated as they keep chugging along. The Vols are among the most disappointing teams in the nation, but still hanging around in the East. This loss could kill the Vols and the Tide is a 15.5 point favorite. Bama should win big here as they are starting to roll now.

Texas Tech 5-2 at Oklahoma 5-1:  Oklahoma was playing well until they  got stunned by Texas. Now, they are playing well again and just destroyed a pretty good Kansas State team last week. KSU gave TCU fits the previous week and the Sooners just kicked them all over the field. The Sooners are favored by 14.5  points over Tech and should win fairly big at home.

Kansas 0-6 at Oklahoma State 6-0: I am not buying into Oklahoma State being good. They will beat Kansas but not cover the 33.5 point spread. I am just not seeing Oklahoma State’s greatness, although they did win in Morgantown which is difficult, always.

Washington State 4-2 at Arizona 5-2:  Arizona is favored by 7.5, but I am not buying into it. Washington State was beaten in their first game by a lessor school, but has recovered nicely. I think Washington State beats Arizona because the Wildcats are just not the same team that they were a year ago.

Missouri 4-3 at Vanderbilt 2-4: Poor Derek Mason is just not going to be around very long at Vanderbilt. Missouri is favored by 3 points and these two schools are anemic on offense and the final could be 3-0. The Tigers should get back in the win column in a hard fought defensive struggle.

Florida State 6-0 at Georgia Tech 2-5: Georgia Tech is the biggest disappointment in the entire country this season. They were ranked probably as high as 10th in the Polls by some. Florida State is favored by 5 points and should win by much more than that as the Yellow Jackets lose their 6th straight game. Georgia Tech was amazingly good last year and amazingly bad this year. I did not see this coming.

Texas A$M 5-1 at Ole Miss 5-2: Ole Miss is favored by 6. Wait, what? How are the Rebels favored here? Are the Memphis Tigers the best team in the South?  Not only does Ole Miss not cover, I don’t even see them winning. Last week’s Ole Miss team was not good.

Western Kentucky 6-1 at LSU 6-0: The LSU Tigers are favored by 16.5 points and they will win, but I think WK gives their defense fits and they don’t cover the spread as they look ahead to tougher opponents.

Kentucky 4-2 at Mississippi State 5-2: I still haven’t gotten over Kentucky needing Overtimes to beat Eastern Kentucky. They are not a bad team, but still not quite there yet. Mississippi State is favored by 11 and in Starkville I think they cover.

Utah 6-0 at USC 3-3: This is a strange one. People are picking Utah to make the playoffs and yet, the Trojans are favored by the odds makers  by 3.5 points and I am liking the Trojans here, too.

Ohio State 7-0 at Rutgers 3-3: Urban Meyer finally decided to start JT Barrett and I think that moves ignites the Buckeyes and they are favored by 21 points and I do believe they cover on the road.

Colorado 3-4 at Oregon State 2-4: Oregon State is favored by 2 points and they should win at home in a dog fight. The Buffaloes are playing with a lot of heart even if they are in over their heads most of the time. I hope the Buffaloes do hang on to their coach and give him some real time to get the program going. The Beavers are struggling with the coaching changes and youth at Quarterback and other positions.

Washington 3-3 at Stanford 5-1: No odds on this game for some reason, but Stanford is playing well right now and should beat Washington easily.

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