Patrick Skov Transfers to Georgia Tech

Shayne Skov was one of my favorite college players over the last few years. The guy brought it on every play and was intense to the max. If you watched the Stanford Cardinal over the last few years, Shayne Skov was the guy you would see on every play when the Cardinal defense was on the field. The Stanford defense missed during the 2014 season even though they were still solid.

Skov led the Stanford Cardinal in tackles in 2012 and 2013 and helped them to a Pac 12

Championship both seasons. He was definitely a fun player to watch.

Younger brother Patrick was a 3 star Inside Linebacker/Fullback recruit from Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Instead of at Linebacker like his older sibling, Stanford used him as a blocking Fullback. In 2014, the Cardinal gave him the ball on the goal line enough for him to score 4 Touchdowns.

Patrick Skov has graduated from Stanford and has decided to transfer from Stanford to finish his college playing days at Georgia Tech

This is an ideal situation for him and the Georgia Tech offense. Patrick Skov didn’t see the ball much at Stanford but he very well could at Georgia Tech.

The 2014 Yellow Jackets lost both of their excellent fullbacks from last season in Synjyn Days and Zach Laskey. They have redshirt freshman C.J. Leggett and true freshman and early enrollee Quaide Weimerskirch. But, Leggett just tore his ACL and will miss all of the 2015 season. Weimerskirch just injured his foot and his status is in doubt.

Freshman recruits Mikell Lands-Davis and Marcus Marshall should be on campus in the summer. But, all four of these guys are freshmen and have obviously never played a down of college football. Plus, none of them are very big. Leggett is 207 even if had been available. Weimerskirch is slightly over 200, Lands-Davis is 203, and Marshall is 202 pounds.

Patrick Skov is a senior and he is 6-1, 235. He is a bruiser like his older brother.

Stanford and Georgia Tech players are generally a little smarter than your average college students and I think this is a brilliant move by Patrick Skov.

He was never going to be the main weapen for Stanford. At Georgia Tech, the Fullback is one of the primary ball carriers. Days and Laskey combined for 1,775 yards and  18 Touchdowns.

The Fullbacks, or B-Backs as they call them,  received 328 carries at Georgia Tech. Once the Yellow Jackets get that Fullback run working up the middle they are relentless.

If Patrick Skov meets Georgia Tech’s head coach Paul Johnson requirements at B-Back look for him to have a nice season in 2015 as the Yellow Jackets attempt to defend their 2014 coastal division of the ACC title.

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