New Poll October 4th

1. Ohio State 5-0: The Buckeyes remain in the top spot in spite of a major struggle against Indiana. The Hoosiers are a better team than some give them credit for and are 4-1. I am keeping Ohio State at number 1, but mostly by default.

2. TCU 5-0: They thumped a really bad Texas team, but were impressive.

3. Alabama 4-1: Those claiming that Alabama was done a week ago are delusional. Hello Bama haters.

4. Baylor 5-0: They stomped a pretty good Texas Tech team that gave TCU fits.

5. Michigan State 5-0: Sure, they won again, but they struggled against an inferior opponent once again. Their star is fading fast in my eyes.

6. Florida State 4-0: They just got by Wake Forest and tougher schedule awaits.

7. Clemson 4-0: Held on to beat Notre Dame in the driving rain.

8. Louisiana State 4-0: They are giving up too many points to bad teams.

9. Oklahoma 4-0: The Sooners are a different team with Baker Mayfield at Quarterback.

10. Texas A%M 5-0: Really fortunate in their schedule. Alabama comes to town next and if the Aggies beat them, they move way up the list.

11. USC 3-1: Off this week and they play Washington on Thursday Night. Tune in.

12. Ole Miss 4-1: Florida smacked Ole Miss on Saturday and not sure what to do with Florida.

13. Notre Dame 4-1: The Irish should be in the top 10, but they did lose to Clemson.

14. Michigan 4-1: The Wolverines are the best coached team in America and may continue to move up.

15. Northwestern 5-0: The Wildcats obliterated a decent Minnesota team.

16. Utah 4-0: Some ‘experts’ are placing Utah in the playoffs because they beat Oregon. Wow.

17. Florida 5-0: Gators fired the cancer, but he left behind some talent. This team could continue to surprise, but freshman at Quarterback is scary. They have 3 tough games in a row next.

18. Stanford  4-1: Now this was the Stanford I was expecting. The question becomes how good is this Northwestern team that beat them?

19. Georgia 4-1: The Bulldogs took a dive here because they were embarrassed at home by the Tide. There was always that doubt because of their schedule and the Quarterback from Virginia.

20. Boise State 4-1: I am normally anti Boise because of where they play, but this team is looking pretty good.

21. California 5-0: The defense is still a question mark in my eyes, but Goff is one of the best. Dykes is also one of the better coaches not named Harbaugh.

22. Oklahoma State 5-0: I’m not sold on them and they needed officiating to win the Texas game for them, but they are still 5-0.

23. Memphis 5-0: This is a fun team to watch and an amazing turnaround of a program. Paxton Lynch is one of the better Quarterbacks around.

24. Iowa 5-0: Great defense

25. Duke 4-1: Speaking of great defense, the Dukies beat Boston College to move to 4 and 1 on the year. Their one loss being to still undefeated Northwestern.

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