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For years, I have seen basketball players and wished they had played football. I’m not really talking about some goofy 7 foot guys that can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. I am referring to the 6-7 and up guys that are extremely athletic.

In my years of following the game at every level, I do remember a few tall guys on the gridiron. Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones comes to mind who was 6-9 and played Defensive End for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s not clear whether he was more famous for being a super tall Defensive End, or for the time he quit football to get into professional boxing. It took him a while to figure out what a normal boxing fan

could have told him after seeing one of his fights, that he needed to get back on the football field. He couldn’t box all that well.

Over on the the Offensive side of the football, the Cowboys had Offensive Tackle Phil Pozderac from Notre Dame. He was also 6-9. He was possibly more famous for all of the holding calls the refs called on him, but he was way ahead of his time as far as size goes.

Moving forward, and an inch upwards in height, the Arkansas Razorbacks currently have Right Tackle  Dan Skipper that is listed as 6-10. Skipper started as a true freshman at Offensive Guard before moving to Left Tackle last season and over to the Right Tackle spot this year. Not many 300 pound guys actually look thin, but at 6-10 the weight is distributed very well and he has the room to carry some more.

At Minnesota of the Big 10, Tight End Maxx Williams has moved on to the NFL where he probably belonged. Williams is now a third generation NFL player after his father Brian and his grandfather Robert both played at that level.

Replacing Maxx Williams is sophomore Nate Wozniak. The Greenwood, Indiana native is in his third year in the program after coming in as a 3 star recruit.

Nate Wozniak is 6-10, 270.

Wozniak redshirted as a true freshman in the 2013 season, and played a little last season as a back up.

This year, Wozniak moves into the starting lineup and defenders beware of the imposing figure coming out you. At Greenwood Center Grove High School, Wozniak was a lean and mean looking machine and almost too thin at 240 pounds. But, he has filled out already and it’s clear he hits the weights really hard.

After one game as a starter, Wozniak only has 1 reception for 5 yards against TCU. But, he did show good blocking ability.

The season is still early, but keep an eye out for Nate Wozniak.

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