My Favorite Players for 2015

I try to remain as unbiased as possible on my site, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a favorite player, or 20.

Leonard Fournette – LSU and we might as well throw in his younger brother Lanard Fournette, too. I was privileged to see the Fournette brothers play several times in high school. Leonard was, of course, a 5 star recruit and the number 1 guy in his recruiting class. Younger brother was a year behind and only a 3 star recruit. Lanard is much smaller, but also really quick. Schools like Alabama were trying to recruit Lanard just to get big brother a couple of years ago. When Leonard signed with LSU, much of that recruitment ceased.

Leonard was one of the more hyped up recruits in last year’s freshman class and there was no way he could completely live up to expectations. But, with a strong finish, he still managed to break the 1,000 yard barrier.

How could anyone not like a pair of brothers named Leonard and Lanard?

Vadal Alexander – LSU: Unlike most fans, I love to watch the warfare in the trenches. I love to watch a good, strong Offensive Line tear off the line of scrimmage and do battle with the incredible athletes on the other side of the line. A lot of guys hold, but it’s all about the footwork if you are taught correct Offensive Line play. Vadal Alexander is a road grader that seems to love to drive a Defensive Lineman off the ball. He played beside senior La’el Collins last year at Guard, but Collins is expected to be a top NFL Draft pick pretty soon and Alexander is expected to move over into his Left Tackle position.


Nick Chubb – Georgia:  Everyone is familiar with the Todd Gurley story and how Gurley’s last season at Georgia got mess up by suspension and then even worse with injury. Gurley is now gone on to NFL riches, but he left behind a more than capable replacement in Nick Chubb. Nick Chubb is just a fun kid to watch. As a true freshman, he led the SEC in rushing. He is big and strong, and has the speed to take it the distance at any moment. A good inside runner as well as a good outside runner. When former Georgia Bulldog legend Herschel Walker raves about you, then you know you are a

good Running Back and Walker cannot say enough good things about Nick Chubb. Neither can I, then.


John Theus – Georgia: Theus returned for his senior season even though so many that play in the SEC do not.  The big, strong, powerful Left Tackle from Jacksonville is a good reason for the success that Todd Gurley and then Nick Chubb have had running at the University of Georgia. He is fiery and tough and a good leader up front for the Bulldogs and will need to be even more so this season with the loss of standout Center David Andrews.

Joey Bosa – Ohio State: Bosa brings attitude and why wouldn’t he being the great grandson of an alleged Mafia boss. He comes to play every game and was one of the nation’s top sack leaders last season with 13.5. There were many reasons why the Ohio State Buckeyes won the first ever playoff last season and Bosa was a major part of that.

Scooby Wright – Arizona: What’s not to like about Scooby Wright. He led the nation in total tackles, forced fumbles, tackles for loss and was right up there in Quarterback sacks. He won nearly every award possible for a Linebacker. His real name is Phillip Anthony Wright III but there were so many guys around the house with that name that they called him Scooby. He is all over the field and an almost tireless defender.

Deshaun Watson – Clemson: Watson might be the next big thing in college sports if he can stay healthy. Tore his ACL in his freshman season and had to miss a few games. Watson has a nice arm and throws a nice tight spiral accurately. Watson is also a gifted athlete with his feet and there’s a reason he was the number 1 rated dual threat Quarterback coming out of high school last season. Watson is a fun player to watch and is definitely one of my favorite.

Paxton Lynch – Memphis: Lynch is a 6-7 Quarterback that nobody wanted out of high school. He struggled as a freshman, but came on strong as a sophomore and has at least one more year to keep improving. Lynch is clearly a tall Quarterback but he can really run for a guy his size. But, he also has a great arm and can see the field as well as anyone.

Justin Thomas – Georgia Tech: He runs the Flexbone Offense like a master magician. Thomas reminds of those old school Wishbone Quarterbacks running that option offense. Unlike Paxton Lynch, Thomas is not very tall, but he has a motor and throws the ball really well on the run or from back in the pocket. I haven’t been much of an admirer of Georgia Tech until watching Thomas play.

Adam Gotsis – Georgia Tech: I have to pull for an every down player from Australia. There are plenty of punters from the Land Down Under, but Gotsis is a Defensive Tackle and a really good one. He is a good sized man with some quickness and athletic ability.

Christian McCaffrey – Stanford: I liked his dad for the Denver Broncos. Dad was 6-5, but son Christian missed out on that. But, his grandfather on his mother’s side was an Olympic Silver medal winner in the 100 meters and his mom played soccer at Stanford and he got some of that speed. Stanford coaches loved him last season as a true freshman and he could start at Running Back next season and will more than likely replace Ty Montgomery as the Punt Returner.

Joshua Garnett – Stanford: Garnett was a highly recruited Offensive Guard coming out of high school at the same time as star Left Tackle Andrus Peat and star Right Tackle Kyle Murphy to form probably the best Offensive Line class in the country. Garnett is another road grader and a dominating Offensive Lineman. I love to watch guys like this.

Riley Bullough – Michigan State: Third generation Spartan, and I loved watching his older brother play Linebacker for the Spartans as well as his father and his uncle. His grandfather was way before my time. Older brother, Max Bullough, plays for the Houston Texans now. Younger brother Byron Bullough is a freshman and they are all Linebackers. I would love to see both of them end up as good as their older brother and their father.

William Likely – Maryland: Me Likey William Likely. You kind of have to pull for a small guy that is as good as Likely. He’s listed at 5-7, 175, but those things are often stretched so he might be smaller. He’s an outstanding Cornerback and one of the best return men out there. With his lack of size, the NFL may not be an option other than as a return man. But, he’s fun to watch right now.

Anthony Zettel – Penn State: Classic overachiever. Not really that big for a Defensive Tackle but is very, very productive while Penn State had the second best defense in the country last season behind only Clemson. This guy has a huge heart which makes him a fun player to watch. He had 3 Interceptions as well and ran one of them back for a Touchdown.

Shon Coleman – Auburn: Cancer survivors always make my list of favorites. Plays Left Tackle for the War Eagles/Tigers and is good. Clearly he has the work ethic and the attitude to succeed at every level of football and I am a fan.

Driphus Jackson – Rice: The Rice Owls have always been the underdogs of the college football world. Driphus Jackson is a fun Quarterback to watch and like his team he is the too short Quarterback and was not recruited by many. I love his arm and his mobility and I particularly love his first name.

Ishmael Adams – UCLA: This guy is an incredibly explosive Cornerback and an impressive return man. Nearly every time he touches the ball he scores with it. He did have a lot of impressive returns that were called back by penalties. I will watch the Bruins to watch Adams play.

Adoree Jackson – USC: Jackson is a super impressive athlete that is capable of doing most anything. He has outstanding closing speed and is another great return guy and that makes him a dangerous and fun to watch player. He was one of the top true freshmen in the country even with all of the other stars out there. He could easily play Wide Receiver, Cornerback and return punts and kicks if the coaches needed him to do so. Very explosive athlete.

Cody Kessler -USC: Kessler is one of my favorite Quarterbacks to watch. He’s not that prototype Quarterback like a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning. Another undersized guy that keeps prototype Quarterbacks on the bench behind them. He should throw for about 4,000 yards this year while leading the Trojans to the Pac 12 title and possibly a playoff berth.

Gunner Kiel – Cincinnati:  No doubt this guy is not the most stable of people out there. He committed to Indiana, then to LSU and then to Notre Dame. Then, for some reason he left Notre Dame and transferred to Cincinnati. He is a super, super gifted athlete and a potentially great Quarterback. He seems to have it all and I love to watch the guy play.

Shilique Calhoun – Michigan State: I’ll never forget his performances in the 2013 season and even though he was not as impressive in the 2014 season he is still the same guy and has potential to have a break out season and to become a top NFL Draft pick.

The Michigan game of the 2013 season was Calhoun’s best game and that defense was fun to watch.

Ryan Switzer – North Carolina: Another undersized overachiever. Switzer is a top punt returner and is a decent Wide Receiver. In 2013 Switzer returned an amazing 5 punts for Touchdowns and in 2014 he returned zero for Touchdowns. But, he did lead his team in receptions.

Robert Nkemdiche – Ole Miss: He’s been a bit overrated so far, but once this guy puts it all together he will be amazing. I can feel it. He is a menacing looking individual and a top athlete. I am predicting that Nkemdiche has a huge season and is very impressive.

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