Dan Mullen Mississippi State: Not Impressed

Young boys from my generation were taught to respect others and to not punch women. Husbands that beat their wives were considered despicable.

I guess if you are the top rated football recruit, or the best recruit that signs with a school, then it’s simply a slap the wrist type of violation.

Jeffery Simmons of Macon, Mississippi was either a 4 star, or a 5 star, depending on which recruiting service you use. He was the highest rated player in the state of Mississippi.

Macon is about a 45 minute drive from Starkville and a lot of kids want to stay close to home.

Simmons is 6-4, 270 and he can run about a 4.7 40 yard dash, supposedly. He was very highly

recruited and a huge pick up for the Bulldogs program.

Recently, a video emerged on the internet showing a bunch of young people in a parking lot. That group of young people happened to include some very small children.

Simmons’ sister and another woman got into a brawl. They were punching and slapping at each other until it went to the ground. Simmons and another man both once pulled the other woman off of the sister giving the edge to the sister.

Finally, Jeffery Simmons had seen enough. He grabbed the other woman and pulled her off and then started just beating on her.

Little kids are just running around every where. The other woman is lying on the ground and the sister just started kicking her. Simmons walked away and then came back and the sister was still kicking.

It was an ugly scene. But, a 270 pound athlete beating up a much smaller woman was the ugliest part of it.

Jeffery Simmons later apologized for the incident. But, did he apologize for the punching, or because he had been caught by the video camera?

Dan Mullen and Mississippi State got involved. They decided to punish young Mr Simmons.

They decided his punishment should be being suspended for one game. Of course, that one game will be against South Alabama which the Mississippi State 3rd team could probably beat.

What kind of a message does this send?

It’s okay to beat up women, right? You are just going to be suspended one game and that game will be against your weakest opponent.

Why not beat up the little kids that were running around, too? How much of a tough guy does it make you when you weigh 270 and the woman is half your size and weight? Let’s just abuse puppies and kittens, too, while we are at it.

Dan Mullen and the Mississippi State program should be embarrassed by this. How would any of them feel if it had been their wife, or daughter that was beaten up by a 270 pound man?

Furthermore, I wrote about Mullen last year on my blog and how he recruited a Quarterback out of the Dallas, Texas area. There are quite a few really fertile recruiting grounds around the nation such as Miami, or New Orleans, or Atlanta. Houston and Dallas located in the state of Texas are also really, really good areas to recruit top talent.

If you make enemies on those areas by offering recruits scholarships and then pulling them out from under them a few weeks before signing day, you are slowly eating away at your own program.

I wrote about that here: Chason Virgil

I am fine with letting a recruit go for whatever reason, but at least give the guy a little more time to make a decision especially when the kid is graduating early so that he can participate in your Spring practices.

Dan Mullen seems like a nice guy when interviewed on television. I do not know the man personally. But, from what I have seen lately out of the man, I am not at all impressed with his character.


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