Dak Prescott for Heisman

I’ve heard the football Talking Heads compare Dak Prescott of Mississippi State to former Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow.

I can understand where they are coming from but I think the resemblances are minor.

Dak Prescott is similar to Tebow in size and strength. Junior Dak Prescott plays at 6-2, 235. The Florida football roster had Tim Tebow listed at 6-3, 240 when he quarterbacked the Gators in 2008. Tebow was a strong and powerful runner for the Gators. He was never particularly very fast, but he was a powerful runner.

Obviously, Prescott is of  similar size, but Prescott is a much better athlete than Tebow and he is much faster and more of a threat to take it the distance.

Tebow ran the 40 yard dash in 4.71 time and Dak Prescott’s 40 time is unclear but has been reported at 4.5.  Height in basketball and 40 times in football are always getting stretched and even almost lied about. They are almost like the fish that got away story told by fisherman. Or, like tales of lost treasure. It’s really hard to believe a college post man or a power forward is really 7 foot tall until he is measured before the NBA draft. People have been stretching them out since they were high school recruits.

The same is true about football players and their 40 yard dash times. Generally there are a lot of tall tales. But, again, the truth comes out at the NFL combine.

Dak Prescott looks like he could run the 40 in the 4.5 range and he is definitely a lot faster than Tim Tebow.

Both Tebow and Prescott were coached by Dan Mullen.

Florida head coach Urban Meyer had Dan Mullen working as his Offensive Coordinator while Tebow was playing, and then Mississippi State hired Mullen to take over their program.

I haven’t seen anywhere that Mullen has compared the two at quarterback.

As passers, there is really no resemblance at all.

Tim Tebow really had bad mechanics and despite being a big, strong guy and a powerful runner, he never had a very strong throwing arm.

Dak Prescott has great mechanics, but sometimes when he is on the move he tends to show bad form and will throw off the wrong foot at times. However, unlike Tebow, Prescott has an absolute cannon for an arm.

The Heisman Trophy has nothing to do with who is the best NFL prospect and is supposed to be given to the best college football player in any given year. The best player doesn’t normally win it. It’s usually given to the most well publicized Quarterback or if there’s not a top Quarterback that season then it’s going to the most ESPN discussed Running Back. Rarely, it’s given to a Wide Receiver and even more rarely a defensive player. But, it’s never going to go to a Linebacker or a Defensive Tackle or an Offensive Lineman.


After Mississippi State destroyed LSU and then Texas A%M in the past two weeks, Dak Prescott has to be moving up everyone’s Heisman list.

Prescott has thrown for over 1,200 yards and run for over 400. He has 13 Touchdowns passing and another 6 Touchdown running on the year so far.

But, he got a lot more publicity for the huge wins over SEC rivals.

What usually happens is I will write about somebody and then their season will fall apart. I wrote about Virginia Tech and Michael Brewer and then they lost 2 straight games and Brewer threw a few interceptions.

I wrote about Miami being back and then they have lost 3 games.

I moved Alabama to #1 in my poll and they lose in their first game.

Mississippi State and Dak Prescott have #2 Auburn this season. Then, they have the surprise SEC team of the year, Kentucky. After that, there’s Arkansas, Alabama and Ole Miss.

But, if I haven’t jinxed Prescott, and the Mississippi State Bulldogs survive the rest of their games and he continues to put up big numbers, then Dak Prescott does definitely deserve the Heisman Trophy.

Right now, Todd Gurley probably leads in the Heisman race, but expect Quarterback Dak Prescott to keep closing the gap.

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