Coaching Changes

There is absolutely no way that either Florida’s Will Muschamp or Michigan’s Brady Hoke survive this disastrous year.


It was surprising to a lot of folks that Will Muschamp survived last season’s 4-8 debacle. This season might be just as bad and after last weekend’s disaster against Missouri, it’s just a matter of time. I am almost surprised that they didn’t fire him right after the game.

The Gators are sitting at 3-3 presently, with a game with Georgia lurking this weekend.

Two of their remaining games are very winnable with Vanderbilt and Eastern Kentucky. But, they are also looking at South Carolina and old rival Florida State.

They could pull a miracle and finish up 8-3, but a 5-6 record is more likely. A 4-8 followed up by a 5-6 is never acceptable at a school like Florida.


Defense has never been a problem for Muschamp. He is a defensive whiz, or a guru.

The Florida Gators are ranked number 13 in total defense in the entire country. The offense, on the other hand, is among the worst in the nation coming in at number 101. 101 may be really good with movies about Dalmatians, but it  is awful for an offense or a defense.

In the off season, Muschamp got rid of his former Offensive Coordinator and brought in the guy from Duke, Kurt Roper, to liven things up. Similar to Brady Hoke at Michigan who brought in Alabama’s old Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier.

Personally, I like to hope the best for people since I am a college football fan and I love to see people and programs live up to their potential. But, as I said in an earlier post on this blog a lot of head coaches in trouble bring in a new coordinator as if the past coordinator was the problem, yet the same problems often remain which means it’s a just a stall tactic used by the head coach to save their jobs temporarily.

Brady Hoke, like Will Muschamp, has a tough road ahead of him. Like Muschamp, the masses have turned on Hoke and with the Wolverines sitting at 3-4 it’s not looking good.

They have to visit East Lansing to play their in-state rivals, Michigan State. They have three very doable games with Indiana, Northwestern, and Maryland. But, then Ohio State is in Columbus. The best they should  hope for is 6-6.

6-6 is just not going to work at Michigan or Florida.

Both of these coaches knew a little success at their schools. Muschamp went 11-2 in 2012. Hoke went 12-1 in 2008 at Ball State and then 9-4 at San Diego State and 11-2 his first season at Michigan in 2011.

Muschamp is an excellent Defensive Coordinator and could be that again at another school some day. Hoke was a Defensive Line coach before becoming a head guy.

The next phase is the media feeding frenzy and speculation on possible replacements.

The same thing happens every season, but Florida and Michigan are two of the biggest jobs in the country, so some big names are going to be tossed around.

Of course, the Harbaugh brothers are going to be mentioned with the Michigan job. Dream on, Michigan fans. As a college football fan, I sure hope the next coach at Michigan is a Harbaugh. But, successful NFL coaches rarely go back to college. If it were to happen, I believe John would be more likely than Jim since John has already won a Super Bowl and Jim has not.

Les Miles played football at Michigan and supposedly he would be interested. He’s got a great job at LSU and I would have to see it to believe it.

With the Florida job, Dan Mullens at Mississippi State was a former Offensive Coordinator at Florida. Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss is a hot commodity and might be a great option. He’s an excellent recruiter and has the Rebels rolling right now.

Charlie Strong was the Florida Defensive Coordinator before he got the Louisville and then the Texas job. I wonder if they may want to steal him from Texas.

I’ve seen Lane Kiffin’s name thrown around but that has to be a joke. The Gators shouldn’t fool around and should go for a Mullens or a Freeze. Both would kill it at Florida, or Michigan for that matter.

Both schools would need a splash hire to get things up and running. Florida is the hottest of the hot beds of recruiting and the right guy could dominate in that state.

Michigan has more wins than any other school in the country and is a very desirable job as well. It’s not that hard to lure top recruits from the South to Ann Arbor.

USC fired Lane Kiffin last year during the season and most people avoid that. But, it could give a school a head start in hiring the next coach so I am not totally opposed.

Personally, I like both coaches and don’t like that they are going to be fired. Any program should snatch up Muschamp as a Defensive Coordinator and by all accounts Hoke is a good coach as well. They are probably just in a little over their heads.

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