Can Josh Rosen Be the Next Troy Aikman at UCLA?

I hate to keep tooting my own horn, but I posted on my blog in an earlier post that Josh Rosen was the best high school Quarterback I had seen and was better than some others rated higher.

Rosen is a true freshman at UCLA and is expected to start in his first ever college football game on Saturday.

The UCLA Bruins have had a few good Quarterbacks over the years such as Heisman Trophy winner Gary Beban, Cade McNown, Drew Olson, Tom Ramsey, John Sciarra, and Steve Bono. But, the best Bruin Quarterback was without a doubt Pro Football Hall of Fame member Troy Aikman.

Troy Aikman actually began his career at Oklahoma under head coach Barry Switzer running the Wishbone Offense.

Aikman played some, but got injured and transferred to UCLA where he played his last two college football seasons. For the Bruins, Aikman threw for 2,527 yards as a junior and 2,771 as a senior before becoming the very first pick in the NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys where he became a legend winning Super Bowls and making All Pro several years.

Josh Rosen has yet to take a snap for the UCLA Bruins and I am in by no means comparing him to Aikman or saying he is anything like him.

But, what I am saying is that Josh Rosen has a chance to be special. I saw it on him in high school and I have seen it on him in the UCLA Spring Game and apparently UCLA head coach Jim Mora agrees with me.

I am not pretending to know how he is doing on the practice field for the Bruins, but it must be good enough to beat out Jerry Neuheisel and any other Quarterback on the roster.

I am expecting big, big things out of Josh Rosen as early as this year.

He did beat out Jerry Neuheisel, the back up from last year. I went into the Spring Game in the Spring of 2014 expecting not to like Neuheisel at all. After all, he was the son of Rick Neuheisel and a legacy at UCLA and probably was there only because of who his father was. After watching him, I actually found myself liking the kid. He is not without talent.

The younger Neuheisel came on in relief of injured Bruin Quarterback Brett Hundley and led them to a tough victory over Texas. He showed great composure in that game and some potential to be a starter.

But, apparently Jim Mora felt that the safety of going with slightly experienced Jerry Neuheisel was not enough to over come the tremendous talent and potential of true freshman Josh Rosen.

We will start finding out about Rosen on Saturday when the UCLA Bruins hos the Virginia Cavaliers.

Last season, the Cavaliers defense took it to the Bruins. UCLA won the game 28 to 20, but their offense did very little throughout and they relied on Defensive Touchdowns to take a surprisingly

close game on the road.

The Cavaliers return outstanding sophomore Defensive Back Quin Blanding, but suffered a lot of losses defensively from 2014.

This Saturday at one of the greatest venues in all of sports, the UCLA Bruins will open their 2015 football season with true freshman Josh Rosen in his very first start in his very first college game.

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