Colorado Buffaloes Spring Game

It wasn’t that many years ago that Colorado was an elite program. They’ve fallen on hard times, but I think they might be on a slow road to recovery.

They still have a long way to go, but I believe that took a big step in moving to the Pac 12 Conference. They spent most of the Spring Game pimping their new facilities which are going to be incredible and a huge recruiting tool.

Boulder, Colorado is one of the more beautiful cities around and it should not be too hard to lure a few top recruits to play for the Buffaloes.

Mike McIntyre has a lot of fire and could be the guy to get the job done. If he is going to be that guy, he needs to hit California, Texas and the South really hard. He can get his linemen from the area or from the Midwest. Many a farm boy from an Iowa or a Kansas will be all to ready to trade in his plow for some mountain scenery.

There is interest in the Colorado Buffalo football program and there was a good crowd on hand.


The Buffaloes have a long way to go yet, clearly. Head Coach Mike McIntyre drew teams like a school yard game so it’s hard to tell how things are looking and what can you really tell about a team from a spring game. If the offense looks good, then is the offense really good or is the defense bad. Hard to tell sometimes, but you can kind of get a feel of how good or consistent certain guys are.

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With that said, Nelson Spruce and Bryce Bobo looked really good at Wide Receiver. The Buffs need them to step up and replace Paul Richardson who left early for the NFL. Richardson had a huge year and he’s really good, but he’s 6-1,170 and I would be surprised if he was really popular with NFL teams.

Michael Adkins II is good at Running Back. Coach McIntyre says he has a chance to be the best Running Back in the Pac 12. Who am I to argue with him. Adkins did average over 5 yards per carry a season ago and had 6 TDs.


The Buffaloes only have 2 QBs listed on their roster. Returning starter Sefo Liufau looked OK. Honestly, I feel like back up QB Jordan Gehrke looked a lot better. Liufau is bigger and has the experience, but Gehrke looked to have the better arm and looked more comfortable out there and seemed to make better decisions. Gehrke is a JC transfer from Scottsdale CC. cu qb


On defense, Junior College transfer Ahkello Witherspoon looks to be a standout at Corner Back and he is 6-3. Witherspoon should be popular with NFL scouts with his size.



Josh Tupou is good on the defensive front and Addison Gillam is the leading tackler and is very aggressive. Both are Californians and more of their likeness are needed in Boulder.


I like Head Coach Mike McIntyre, but he’s got a tremendous job ahead of him. He not only needs to be an inspirational leader, but great with x’s and o’s and an outstanding recruiter.

They went 4-8 last season and have a really tough schedule in 2014 with all the Pac 12 heavyweights on it. Probably, if Coach McIntyre can get it done at Boulder, it’s going to take a few years. I would love to see the Buffaloes come back and regain the success of years past.

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