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Replacing Connor Cook Michigan State

Connor Cook took the Michigan State Spartans starting Quarterbacks job in 2013 and he never let it go. During the three years that Cook was starting, the Spartans posted a 36-5 record in those three seasons. During his four total seasons in East Lansing, Cook threw for 9,194 yards and 71 Touchdowns.

But, now, Connor Cook has used up his eligibility and the Spartans’ program marches on.

6-3, 225 senior Tyler O’Connor appears to be the leader for the job after the Spring Game. O’Connor played well enough in his single start last season against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

He’s got a strong arm and he is a team leader and runs better than expected. O’Connor has only thrown 54 passes in 3 seasons. He’s a much better athlete than Connor Cook, but lacks the experience.

Junior Damion Terry is also in the hunt for the job. Terry is a big guy at 6-3, 240 and is a very strong runner. His passing has been suspect, but he looked good in the Spartan’s scrimmage particularly towards the end. If the Spartans are wanting a Quarterback that can move the ball better with his feet, Terry may be the guy. But, everything points towards O’Connor being the guy.

The Spartans should be in good shape regardless of which of these two they choose to start.

Outside shots for the job are a couple of freshmen.

Phoenix, Arizona native Brian Lewerke is a redshirt freshman. Supposedly, Lewerke reminds many of a young Kirk Cousins which is could be really exciting for Spartan fans and the team’s future.

Lewerke is 6-3, 200 and has a nice touch on his passes. He is considered a drop back passer, but he did rush for nearly 1,000 yards in one season in high school. In a scramble during the Spring Game, Lewerke ran for good yardage so he is athletic.

True freshman Messiah DeWeaver is an early enrollee. I wrote about him before: The Messiah

The Messiah is clearly behind the other Quarterbacks right now, but there is no denying his physical talent. DeWeaver is the complete package and has all the skills necessary to be a top Quarterback for the Spartans in time.

When O’Connor and Terry are gone, it could be an interesting battle between Lewerke and DeWeaver.

It appears that the Spartans can win with any of these guys. The Spartans would really like to get back to the kind of team they fielded in 2013 which had a great defense and a ball control offense with a great running game.