Wouldn’t it Be Something

Wouldn’t it be something if Ole Miss and Mississippi State went through their seasons undefeated and met in the Egg Bowl at #1 and #2?

That has never happened in the history of college football.

The Egg Bowl has never really been that interesting to folks that don’t live in the Mississippi area. But, this game has a chance to be the best ever and could hold national attention. Supposedly, back in 1926 the Bulldogs had beaten the Rebels 13 straight times. But, that year, the Rebels upset the Bulldogs 7-6 in their home town of Starkville. That event, triggered Ole Miss students and fans to rush the field to tear down the goalposts. Bulldog students and fans objected and rushed the field to fight them off. This disaster triggered students from both schools to create a trophy called the Golden Egg which would be awarded to the winner of this game to hopefully prevent any further violence. In 1979, sportswriter Tom Patterson of the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi named it the Egg Bowl. Great name and idea by Patterson.

Talk about the Game of the Century.  This game could be huge.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are #2 on my latest poll and very well could be #1 since Florida State has not been as impressive as hoped.

They’ve beaten LSU, Texas A%M, and then the best of all, Auburn, in consecutive weeks. They’ve done so impressively, as well.

Not to be outdone, the Ole Miss Rebels beat Alabama and then went in to College Station, Texas, and beat the Texas A%M Aggies.

Both teams are currently 6-0 and tied for first in the mighty SEC rankings.

Mississippi State has maybe the top offensive player in the country in Dak Prescott. With the suspension of Todd Gurley, Prescott probably becomes the leader for the Heisman Trophy.

Ole Miss counters that with possibly the nation’s most impressive defense and maybe the nation’s most intimidating player, Defensive Tackle Robert Nkemdiche.

Nkemdiche is the nation’s most intimidating player if Miss State’s Middle Linebacker, Bernardrick McKinley, is not. Both of these guys are monsters, and both defenses are playing lights out right now.

Ole Miss has the #2 ranked defense in points allowed and rival Miss State is #25. Ole Miss is second in the nation in most interceptions and Miss State is fourth.

These teams make things happen on defense.

The Bulldogs defense is called the Psycho Defense.

While, the Rebels defense is being called the Land Sharks. I would give the edge to the Land Sharks, but the Psycho’s bring it every week and they are fun to watch.

On offense, I would give the edge to Mississippi State because of Dak Prescott, but they also have the much better run game with bowling ball Running Back Josh Robinson.

Ole Miss has 3 year starter Bo Wallace at Quarterback and he has been known to be inconsistent. But, when he is on, he is pretty good and he has dangerous Wide Receiver Laquon Treadwell to catch his passes. Wallace is on pace to throw for over 3000 yards and throw around 30 Touchdown passes.

The Rebels are lacking a top Running Back and their top guy is Jaylen Walton at 5-8, 165.

The Bulldogs of Mississippi State still have tough games remaining with Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama. Kentucky is possibly the most improved college football team in the entire country and sits at 5-1 after going 2-10 last season. This game could be a challenge for the Bulldogs, but they have a week off to prepare.

Arkansas is 3-3, but they may be the top 3-3 team in the nation. They lost in the opener to Auburn, and also lost in Overtime to Texas A%M and to Alabama by 1 point.

It would be healthy to take Arkansas seriously. Then, Alabama is still Alabama. I personally don’t like either Alabama Coordinator. I think Kirby Smart is clueless on how to defense the pass or the spread offense. Kiffin is possibly the most overrated coach of all time. Alabama is still going to be a very, very tough win for the Bulldogs and the game will be in Tuscaloosa which makes it even tougher.

The Rebels of Ole Miss still have to play Tennessee, LSU, Auburn and Arkansas. Tennessee may be the youngest team in the entire country, but they have some fight in them.

LSU may have lost a couple of games, but they are still tough as they proved last night and they find a way to win. Since 2005, nobody has had more comeback wins in the 4th quarter than LSU, and I would never count them out.

Auburn lost their first game yesterday, but it was to Miss State and the Tigers are still very, very good. Arkansas won’t be able to run the ball against the Rebels like they do on most. Arkansas and Ole Miss have 2 of the top 5 biggest Offensive Lines in the nation and that includes the NFL. They are both just absolutely gargantuan up front.


The season is half way over for both of these teams and there’s obviously a long way to go with a lot of traps on the path to coming into the Egg Bowl at 11-0 each.

The chances of both of these teams coming in unbeaten are pretty slim.

These schools are located less than 2 hours driving time between each other. They obviously know one another very well and like most in-state rivalries they do not like each other all that much.

They have played 110 times over the years but only 86 of those times were called the Egg Bowl.

Ole Miss holds an all time 61-43-6 lead over Mississippi State in the series.

Mississippi State has won 6 out of the last 9, but that means little coming into this game.

Ole Miss might have an advantage on defense, but nobody else in the country has anyone like Dak Prescott.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but either way, I am pulling for both of these schools to go undefeated going into this year’s Egg Bowl making it definitely the greatest of all time. If you have read this blog before, particularly before the season started, you will know that I am a college football history buff. Never in the history of college football has Ole Miss and Mississippi State been ranked in the top 3 spots in poll.

If they were to go undefeated until the end, that would be such a huge thing for fans of college football.

Another Game of the Century involving these 2 teams would make 2014 an incredible season. I’m all in.

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