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It’s Wilton Speight, Michigan Fans

Everyone assumed that John O’Korn would win the starting position as Michigan’s Quarterback for the 2016 season. But, he didn’t as Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh awarded the job to 6-6, 245 Wilton Speight.

In my opinion, Speight looks a lot like Jim Harbaugh and especially with his helmet on.They could almost pass for twins except for the 6-6, 245 thing.

Against a really bad team, Hawaii, Speight rolled out to his right on his first pass and quickly threw

an Interception while trying to get the ball to Tight End Jake Butt.

That actually may have been a good thing and an educational tool for Speight as this game was never even close to be in question.

Speight completed 10 out of 13 passes for 145 yards and 3 Toucdowns.

What Michigan does lose with Speight that they would have had with O’Korn is mobility. Speight is a tall prototype Quarterback with the size that the NFL loves. He also seems to have a strong arm, it’s just not clear yet if Speight can get your team the needed first down if he is called on to scramble.

O’Korn is very mobile and if pushed out of the pocket he has the wheels to get that much needed first down in a tight game.

Hawaii was badly over matched in this game and the Michigan defense completely dominated. The Wolverine Offensive Line also dominated and the Quarterbacks were never really challenged. O’Korn came in later in the game and he completed 3 out of 3 passes for 15 yards.

Third team guy, apparently, Shane Morris was also perfect hitting 4 out of 4 tosses for 45 yards. Morris also ran for 14 yards on a singe carry. What’s amazing about Morris being perfect with his passing was that under Brady Hoke in 2014, Morris was horribly inconsistent and completed 35% of his passes.

In the ground game, the elder Michigan Running Backs got their limelight stolen by a true freshman. Completely unheralded Chris Evans a 3 star rated recruit from Indianapolis ran for 112 yards on 8 carries and 2 Touchdowns. In case you don’t want to reach for you calculator, that’s 14 yards per

carry. He brings a level of speed and acceleration that none of the big backs at Michigan possess. Hotshot recruit Kareem Walker is being held out to get his grades in order. But, another freshman from Alabama, Kingston Davis is another one of those big power backs and he carried the ball 2 times for 17 yards. These young Running Backs are impressive and will be better if Walker makes it.

Over on the defensive side, the Linebackers were impressive led by Mike McCray, Jabrill Peppers and Ben Gedeon.

The nation’s top recruit this past year, Rashan Gary, was in the game a lot and he was able to make 3 tackles. Fellow true freshman and New Jersey native, Michael Dwumfour also earned playing time and he had 2 tackles and a tackle for loss.

True freshman Linebacker Devin Bush also received some playing time. Devin Bush

Hawaii offered little competition and Michigan could have scored as many points as they wanted, but they chose to keep the score down somewhat winning 63-3.

People that don’t think Jim Harbaugh is a great coach are delusional.