Steve Sarkisian Making Me Look Bad

I posted about how much I liked this team earlier in the year: USC

Then, they go out and lose two games. One of them could have been explained by Stanford just having their number, possibly. The last loss was just embarrassing against a 17 point underdog.

Turns out Steve Sarkisian has a drinking problem and now has been fired. I kind of have to give myself a pass on missing out on this one, I was just basing my opinion solely on talents and potential.

Sarkisian was never a popular hire with a lot of people.

Steve Sarkisian was first hired by the Washington Huskies as their head coach after the 2008 football season when Tyrone Willingham led them to an 0-12 record.

His first season, Sarkisian improved the Huskies to a 5-7 record. In 2010, that record improved to 7-6 and then he followed that up in 2011 with an identical 7-6 showing.

Eyebrows were raised slightly when the Huskies repeated 7-6 one more time.

Sarkisian broke through in 2013 with a 9-4 record.

The Trojans were tired of the under achievement of Lane Kiffin and fired him after a blow out loss to Arizona State.

They hired former USC assistant coach Steve Sarkisian.

Many were not thrilled with this hire, but I thought he did wonders with a mess at Washington.
Sarkisian is out at USC after compiling a rather unimpressive 12-6 record with a whole lot of young talent on the roster, most of which he recruited.

The Chip Kelly to USC talk is just beginning to heat up and I am not pretending to know who they will hire. But, just know that the same guy that hired Sarkisian is still doing the hiring.

Also know that the guy hired for the USC football job will have a lot of talent to work with.



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