Some Spring Game Suggestions

For a football addict, it’s a long time between the last football games of the year and when the next season gets rolling. There are a few events that help us survive and that’s National Signing Day and all of the recruiting leading up to that. There’s the NFL Combine and the following Draft. Then, there’s the Spring football games.

I have just a few ideas that may help the Spring Games be a little more interesting for fans.

The announcers are always sure to point out the rules and how they keep score for when Alabama takes on Alabama, or any other school’s Spring Games. Who cares what the rules are for scoring points? Fans just want to see some football, so let them just play. It doesn’t matter to fans who wins. They are all the home team.

As a college football fan, whether I am at the Spring Game live,  or watching on the tube, I do not have a single concern what the score of this game is. If I look at the scoreboard, it’s to see a replay. What I am looking for as a football fan is to see how the younger guys play, or see how the team works together. I don’t care which Georgia Bulldog team wins the Spring Game, the red or the other team. In the Georgia Game, I was like your typical football fan, I wanted to see Jacob Eason, the true freshman.

I don’t care which USC team wins even at all.

So, I have no interest in the scoring system of this game. I wanted to watch USC to see how Max Browne, Sam Darnold and true freshman Matt Fink looked when leading the team as Quarterbacks.

I want to see the guys that redshirted as freshmen and the guys that haven’t seen much playing time as of yet.  I wanted to see what the Defensive Line was looking like.

The score is not even remotely relevant.

If they are going to insist on having some scoring rules, the team scoring a Touchdown should have to go for 2 points instead of kicking the extra point. This is a glorified practice in game conditions and the coaches should work on some things

Why kick the extra point when it’s not even live? If you are worried about rewarded the winning players, then make it count for something. Going for 2 points and making it live makes it more competitive if that’s what your goal is. Going for 2 point conversions definitely makes the game competitive and frankly a little more interesting for Joe Fan.

Take some time after the regular game is over and work on your kicks, if you must. But, why kick an extra point with people just standing around and not doing their real game like jobs?

When it’s 4th down, just go for it. Again, that lets you work on things that you might encounter in a real game such as a two minute drill. In a game you may have to go for it on 4th and long. Typically going for it on 4th down is dumb inside your own territory in a real game. But, this is a practice and why punt if you aren’t going to have anyone on the field but the deep snapper and the punter and kicking to a punt returner that does nothing when he catches the ball.

The Minnesota Gophers and their new coach Tracy Claeys went for it on every 4th down and didn’t waste time with punting the ball with 3 guys on the field. Their Spring Game was more interesting

than most. Young Quarterbacks and other players got a chance to work on some things by going for it.

Drills? You have all of the NCAA allowed practices to run drills. This is the Spring Game, not the Spring Drills. I wouldn’t mind all that much seeing the drills if you could watch what you want, but if the game is televised you watch what the television shows which is not exciting to the general fan. Work on game conditions and see what certain players can do in game like conditions with thousands of fans watching.

Also, please stop lying about attendance. Ohio State 100,000 fans? Were they outside? There was a good turnout for the game but there weren’t 100,000 fans in their stadium. Georgia said they had 93,000 at the game and if anyone was telling the truth on attendance it was Georgia. Their stadium was full. Others claimed to have a certain number of fans but the stadium was pretty empty.

You want 100,000 fans at your Spring Game, then put on a show that they want to see complete with my suggestions.

Don’t be one of those teams that draft players. That’s just silly. Just play your 1’s vs your 2’s, or your 1’s vs your 1’s. If you need to build the confidence of a young team play your 1’s vs your 2;s. But, what good does it do to play some of your starting Offensive Linemen on one team and some others on another team? Offensive Line play is a lot about learning to play together as a unit and what can

they learn if they are mixed up? Let your Offensive Line practice working together and blocking as a unit.

In the Oklahoma Sooners Spring Game, no tackling was allowed on the starters. They might as well have taken the pads off and put the flags on and played some flag football. I wanted to see some hitting and lost interest in the game pretty quickly.

As far as game announcers go, if I hear one more announcer talking about a true freshman that has enrolled early to participate in Spring practice that he should be going to the Prom, I am literally going to barf. Every Spring Game I watched, and that was every one that was televised including Northern Arizona, they had at least one guy mention the Prom when talking about an early enrollee.  Just stop it. We got it already. Say something different like he is missing his mother’s cooking.

It’s a big step to go to college to play football, or just be a student. I’ve read several biographies where the player was taken to college by their folks and when their family leaves them there, they start to cry. These are big boys, too, meaning it’s kind of a big deal to leave your family for the first time.

College is cool, high school not so much. Missing the Prom is nothing, but missing Mom is a big deal.

Let’s just stop saying he should be getting ready for Prom. Just ban that, or come up with something more creative.

SEC fans love to slam the Big 10, but the SEC Spring Games are warm. Some of the Big 10 Spring Games are done in the colder weather and fans still turn out like at Michigan and Ohio State. Wonder how many LSU fans would turn out if it were snowing?

It’s easy to come to a tailgate and watch a game if it’s 80 degrees. It’s not so easy when the weather is cold.

Just a few suggestions to make these games more fun for the fans if any coaches happen to read.

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