Ohio State Buckeyes 1973

If you have read more than a few posts on this blog, you may have noticed that I love writing about the 1968 Buckeyes and the Super Sophomores.

But, were they the best of the Woody Hayes coached teams? The 1968 version won the national title, but the 1973 team might have been the national champions, too.

The 1973 season had 6 unbeaten teams when the smoke had cleared and the bowl games had been played. I’ve never seen another season like it.

Notre Dame won the national championship when Ara Parseghian and his Fighting Irish beat Bear

Bryant and his Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl.

But, in my opinion, the Ohio State Buckeyes and maybe the Oklahoma Sooners were better teams. The Sooners were on probation and not eligible for a bowl, or a championship. Both the Buckeyes and the Sooners had a tie on their record and the Irish did not.

But, that 1973 Buckeye team was really good.

This Ohio State team did not throw the ball. Cornelius Greene was a great option Quarterback, but he was not much of a passer. He only threw for 343 yards on 20 completions and 2 Touchdowns. Of his 46 passes thrown, he had 7 Interceptions which might help explain why Woody Hayes wanted to run the ball.

Woody Hayes loved running the ball and this season was Buckeye legend Archie Griffin’s sophomore year.

Griffin ran for 1,577 yards in 1973 to lead the Buckeyes. Quarterback Greene ran for 720 yards.

Fullback Champ Henson ran for well over 700 yards in 1972, but he was injured for much of the 1973 season and he only had 107 rushing yards.

Fullback was never a problem for the Buckeyes and they moved Bruce Elia over from Linebacker and they had Pete Johnson. Elia ran for 429 yards and Johnson for 205 yards.

This team just blew out everybody they played up until they met arch-rival Michigan and during the

middle of the 10 Year War, these heavyweights tied 10-10.

In a huge controversial decision, the Big 10 schools voted to send Ohio State to the Rose Bowl which made Bo Schembechler of Michigan very, very upset and he would be bitter about that decision for the rest of his life.

But, the Big 10 made the right decision because the Buckeyes just blew out the USC Trojans in the Rose Bowl.

Notre Dame was number one in the final AP Poll, and Ohio State was ranked 2nd.

But, a lot of people think that the Buckeyes were the best.

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