Off Season McCaffrey Post

Working out for NFL scouts at Duke, the oldest McCaffrey son Max supposedly ran a 4.36 40 yard dash and did 36 inches in the vertical. The 4.36 might be correct, unless you saw it as 4.4, or 4.43. Either way, it’s a good 40 time for anyone not named Will Fuller.

With his hands, his route running, and his 6-2 height, Max McCaffrey becomes a very draft able prospect at Wide Receiver.

Only, he wasn’t picked.

The Oakland Raiders did sign McCaffrey after the draft was over and he has a fair chance to make

their roster.

If Max does make the team, that would save the McCaffrey’s plenty of money on travel expenses next season.

They can fly in to see Christian McCaffrey in a home game on Saturday for the Stanford Cardinal and stick around till Sunday to see Max in a Sunday game for the Oakland Raiders.

Of course, Ed McCaffrey played for the Broncos and they do not like the Raiders, or the Chiefs. I’m sure he will get over it if his son is on the team. Plus, I am pretty confident he is friends with Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio since Luke Del Rio played with Max and Christian at Valor Christian High School.

A lot of football is politics and if Jack Del Rio likes Max McCaffrey he has a pretty good chance of making the team. Max already worked out for the Denver staff including his dad’s teammate John Elway. I would suppose that Elway didn’t rush to sign Max is he didn’t want to be accused of playing favorites.

At Duke, McCaffrey hauled in 117 receptions for 1,341 yards and 12 Touchdowns. Those aren’t

outstanding numbers, but he did lead his team in receptions as a senior.

Whether he ran a 4.36, or 4.4, or a 4.43 is not relevant since all of those are great times.

Like all young men that grow in this country playing football, Max McCaffrey no doubt dreamed of playing in the big leagues.

Now, he has that chance.

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