New Top 25 Week 3

1. Florida State: 2-0. Remains at top even though they aren’t running on all cylinders right now. Off this week.

2. Alabama: 2-0. My concern for Bama is still defensing the spread type offenses. Southern Miss is next.

3. Auburn: 2-0. Tigers are looking incredible. Off this week.

4. Oklahoma: 2-0. Takes on a mild test with Tennessee in Norman.

5. Oregon: 2-0. Was impressive against MSU. Wyoming coming to town.

6. Georgia: 1-0. Visits South Carolina. Will be interesting to see how they compare with Aggies there. Big day for Todd Gurley could move him to front of Heisman list.

7. Texas A&M: 2-0. Rice comes to town and they have had an open date to prepare. It won’t matter.

8. LSU: 2-0. Has 2-0 Louisiana Monroe coming in to Baton Rouge. Tigers should win easily.

9. Stanford: 1-1. Army coming to Stanford. I still believe in the Cardinal.

10. Ole Miss: 2-0. Louisiana Lafayette comes to visit.

11. Notre Dame: 2-0. Entertains old nemesis Purdue.

12. USC: 2-0. Travels to Boston College.

13. UCLA: 2-0. Undefeated but something missing.  Traveling to Arlington to beat Texas.

14. Michigan State: 1-1. Off to lick their wounds this week.

15. Baylor: 2-0. Visits Buffalo for their next patsy.

16. Virginia Tech: 2-0. New on the list this week. East Carolina coming to visit.

17. Ohio State: 1-1. Play 0-2 Kent State this week.

18. Arizona State: 2-0. Visiting Colorado.

19. Oklahoma State: 1-1. UTSA comes to town and might be a challenge.

20. Missouri: 2-0. UCF is back from Ireland and might be a big test for the Tigers.

21. Penn State: 2-0. Visits 2-0 Rutgers which should be a big test for the Lions.

22. Wisconsin: 1-1. Off this week.

23. Clemson: 1-1. Off a week before traveling to Tallahassee.

24. Florida: 1-0. 2-0 Kentucky visits Florida in what could be a surprisingly good game.

25. Mississippi State: 2-0. Travels to South Alabama.

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