My College Football fan Bucket List

These are the games, or the stadiums, I would love to see in person before I can no longer see in person. I’ve been to the Rose Bowl for the USC vs UCLA game so that one is knocked out. Also, the Cotton Bowl is done for Texas – Oklahoma. This was something I started to do when I was young but started having a family.


1. Michigan vs Ohio State. Nothing against the Horseshoe, but I’d really like to see this game at the Big House in Ann Arbor. This one is first on my list because it’s one of the first ones I have ever seen on television and they are two of the most prestigious programs in the country.


2. Iron Bowl.


3. South Bend is a must. I’ve never been to South Bend even at all and have never seen Notre Dame in person.


4. Florida State vs Florida. I would be happy at either location or both.


4. Florida State vs Miami. Tallahassee only please, Miami fans don’t show up and those environments can be dull.


5. Death Valley. I like Clemson and have been to their stadium but not for a game.


6. Happy Valley. I’ve seen Penn State on the road before but would love to see their home stadium.


7. Camp Randall. Wisconsin vs any opponent will do.  I’ve just always wanted to go.


8. LSU’s Tiger Stadium. I have a feeling I would be the only sober person in the stadium. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


9. Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have seen the outside of it but never been inside for a game. I am hoping to correct that.


10. Cal Golden Bears. They suck, but there’s nothing comparable to stadium nestled in the mountains where you could climb a peak and see right into the stadium.



2 thoughts on “My College Football fan Bucket List

  1. Russell Lewis

    Brad, I have a colleague in the symphony named Joe Cooper, who is 84 years old. He is a HUGE LSU fan. In fact, we joke that if Joe is listening to LSU while driving, his insurance premiums go up. A couple of years ago, he was returning from a concert in Eldorado AR when LSU was playing Alabama. (LSU beat them that night, but lost to them in the national championship that year.) He would not let his passenger turn on the game. Instead, he had him call his wife to get updates of the scores. It is probably good he didn’t listen to the game. He might have run off the road!

    1. Brad Post author

      You can call me fair weather if you like, but I am a huge fan of LSU RB Leonard Fournette and will be a Tiger fan at least as long as he is there.
      I like Todd Gurley at Georgia, too.


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