Mississippi State vs LSU

Forget about the 34-29 final score if you just read about it in the local paper or saw the score on ESPN. This game was a butt kicking from the beginning to almost the end. LSU did come from behind and almost won the game on a Hail Mary as time expired, but the Mississippi State Bulldogs dominated the LSU Tigers.

I am a fan of LSU, but I am also a fan of Dak Prescott and Mississippi State.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs put on a show on Saturday night.

It all started with their ‘Psycho Defense’. LSU wound up with 341 passing yards, but that stat is misleading because a good portion of that came at the end of the game.

Les Miles and his LSU Tigers love to pound the football and they pass mostly when necessary. The very fact that the Tigers were held to 89 yards rushing on the night at an average of 2.5 yards per carry is seriously telling.

LSU could not run the football on Mississippi State and they are not equipped to start throwing the football. True freshman Leonard Fournette only rushed for 38 yards and Kenny Hilliard only had 30 yards rushing. That will never get it done in an LSU offense.

The Psycho Defense just dominated the Tigers for the first 3 quarters and part of the 4th.

Junior Mississippi State Running Back Josh Robinson had the game of his life. He ran over, around, and through the Tiger defense for 197 yards on 16 carries and 1 Touchdown. Maybe it was the fact that he is from Franklinton, Louisiana and he wanted to show up the home town team. Or, maybe it was because LSU had beaten Mississippi State 14 straight times. Or, maybe it was even because the Bulldog Offensive Line was opening up huge holes for him to run through.

Either way, the Tigers have never been a team that gives up much in the running game.

Quarterback and Heisman candidate Dak Prescott was equally dominating if not even more so. He ran through the Tiger defense for another 105 yards and 1 Touchdowns as the Bulldogs totaled 302 yards rushing on the night.

Prescott also passed for 268 yards and 2 more Touchdowns while hitting on 15 of his 24 passes.

Bulldog receivers Jameon Lewis and De’Runnya Wilson combined for 9 catches for 207 yards and 2 Touchdowns.

It was quite a night for the Mississippi State Bulldog offense as they cast aside 14 years of futility against the higher ranked LSU Tigers.

The Bulldogs did go conservative late in the game and almost let the Tigers come back on them.

The LSU Tigers easily lead the nation in 4th quarter comeback and I don’t understand how any team would be comfortable leading them late in the game.

I also don’t understand why a fan base as seemingly good as the LSU Tigers’ have would walk out of the game in the 3rd quarter leaving their team mostly to finish up the game by themselves without support. The Tigers are 22-22 when trailing in the 4th quarter since 2005 and the only team that is even close is the Texas Longhorns at 18-31 and the Ohio State Buckeyes at 9-21.

It just makes little sense to abandon your team when you have a 50% chance of coming back and winning the game.

That’s almost exactly what really happened.

Mississippi State had a comfortable 34-10 lead in the 4th quarter and the only Touchdown the Tigers had was a fumble recovery.

LSU fans headed for the exits.

They missed a fantastic finish.

The Tigers finally managed an offensive Touchdown making the score 34-16. The Bulldogs were not concerned, they had controlled the line of scrimmage and the ball game.

The LSU Tigers went for 2 and tried to run it end and, of course, the Psycho Defense rose up and crushed the play led by back up Linebacker Richie Brown

The Tigers insert true freshman Quarterback Brandon Harris from Bossier City, Louisiana, one of the highest ranked Quarterback recruits in the country in 2014. Harris threw a 31 yard Touchdown pass to the number 1 ranked Wide Receiver recruit in the country, Malachi Dupre.

34-22 with the Bulldogs still in control and less than 2 minutes left.

The Tigers tried an onside kick and it was hit too hard and went out of bounds.

Unbelievably, the Mississippi State Bulldogs had the back up center in the game and he made a bad snap to Dak Prescott and LSU recovered.

Some Mississippi State coaches, players and fans had to be wondering at this point if a Tiger comeback was possible. They had lost to these Tigers 14 straight times, was losing another game in the cards?

Maybe the Tigers just owned the Bulldogs? Maybe it was destiny?

Sure enough, Brandon Harris hooked up with Malachi Dupre yet one more time on a 30 yard Touchdown play. 34-29 Mississippi State still had the lead but there was still over a minute left and the LSU Tigers still had time outs left over. Time for another onside kick for the Tigers.

This one is recovered by a Bulldog. Mississippi State just needed to get one first down and the game was over.

But, the Tigers stopped them and forced a punt. The Bulldog punter Devon Bell booted it into the End Zone making the Tigers have to drive the ball 80 yards with 20 seconds left.

Stranger things have happened in an LSU game. Just ask the Kentucky Wildcats.

One complete pass and one run later and the Tigers are on the Mississippi State 47 yard line with 5 seconds left on the clock.

Brandon Harris and the Tigers had one more shot at the End Zone.

Under heavy pass rush, Harris runs towards the right boundary and lets it fly to the End Zone towards a pack of players from both teams. Bulldog Defensive Back Will Redmond came down with the ball for an interception.

Game over.

This was a completely lopsided game dominated by one team, but it had an incredible finish. Wisconsin had LSU down 24-7 in the opening game and they came back and won 28-24, so never count LSU out of a football game until it’s over.

Mississippi State finally broke their losing streak against LSU and that has to feel good and they move to 4-0 on the season. The most important thing is that they are 1-0 in the SEC.

The LSU Tigers, on the other hand, drop to 3-1 and 0-1 in the SEC.



Another chapter on the dark side of the SEC, Dillon Day the Mississippi State Center has been suspended for stomping on LSU players while they were laying on the ground.

I guess Dillon Day doesn’t like LSU very much.

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