Mason Fine North Texas Cherokee Quarterback

The University of North Texas quarterback Mason Fine is listed as 5-11, 180. But, truthfully, he is closer to 5-9, 180. College coaches love their quarterbacks to be at least 6-2, but there are always exceptions.

Nobody really wanted Mason Fine out of tiny Locust Grove, Oklahoma. When I say tiny, I really mean tiny as Locust Grove has a population of 1,400 and that’s on a good day. It’s barely more than a speed bump on the road.

But, as I’ve always said, talent can come from anywhere and everywhere and Mason Fine is a talent. His home state Sooners never paid him any attention and Oklahoma State offered him as a preferred walk-on. He was never going to play there in that role, but Fine can play.

North Texas posted a 1-11 record when Mason Fine was a senior in high school. Fine was in

Oklahoma setting all time state passing records at Locust Grove. Fine threw for 4,232 yards as a senior alone and 53 touchdowns. For his high school career, Fine threw for 13,084 yards and 155 touchdowns. He’s also a mobile quarterback and ran for over 1,100 yards in his last two seasons, but his main job is to sling that football around. He didn’t do too badly considering he was also the class valedictorian.

The best player in the history of the Mean Green was Mean Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the 1970s. If things had been equal to today’s standards, Joe Greene probably goes elsewhere, but while he played the in state schools did not take black recruits.

When the other schools reformed their ways, schools like UNT were left out in the cold. They haven’t exactly been an Alabama in the recruiting world. Instead of 4 and 5 star recruits, the Mean Green recruits are usually unranked.

Mason Fine was one of those unranked recruits. Early on in his recruitment, he was only hearing from division 2 schools. But, he didn’t give up and he finally got an offer from UNT.

The Mean Green fired their previous coach and hired Seth Littrell, who was an assistant at North Carolina under head coach Larry Fedora.

Mason Fine was a member of Littrell’s first recruiting class in 2016. North Texas also signed his favorite target at Locust Grove, wide receiver Jason Pirtie.

Pirtie has yet to make a real impact, but Littrell brought Mason Fine along slowly having him split time with senior Alabama transfer, Alec Morris.

Fine mostly outplayed Morris and threw for over 1,500 yards, while Morris threw for just over 1,100.

The 2017 college football season at North Texas belonged to Cherokee Indian Mason Fine.

Going into their bowl game with Troy, Mason Fine had thrown the ball for 3,749 yards and 28 touchdowns. Fine didn’t run for a lot of yardage, but he makes time with his feet. He scrambles and rolls out and runs the zone read. He’s never going to remind anyone of Cam Newton, or Vince Young, but he is mobile enough to escape the pass rush.

Before the bowl game, Seth Littrell and Mason Fine, led the Mean Green to a nice 9-4 record.

Fine is a sophomore with two more years of eligibility. A 5-9, 180 quarterback is not going to leave school early for the NFL. He will likely end his career with every passing record in the book.

There’s been a few quality Native American athletes over the years. Jim Thorpe, from the days of old, was considered the top athlete of his time period. Sam Bradford, also from Oklahoma and a Heisman Trophy winner was also Native American. I wrote a long time ago about former Washington Huskies quarterback Sonny Sixkiller: Sixkiller

Mason Fine won’t be as famous as any of those guys, but the kid can play.


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