Leonard Fournette Hype

I don’t know that I have seen anything quite like this.

Sure, Leonard Fournette is a great player and was the top recruit in the entire country coming out of high school.

Fournette was talked about as a Heisman candidate as a true freshman, which was totally crazy from day one. In his very first college game, all that Heisman talk came to a crashing halt as he ran for 18 yards on 8 carries against Big 10 opponent Wisconsin.

Fournette did finish up strong and ran for 1,043 yards, thanks to 2 big games to end the season.

But, it didn’t take long to get that hype cranked back up again for the 2015 season.

LSU had their opening game against McNeese State canceled due to Lightening. Their opening game, then, became the Mississippi State game and Fournette ran for 159 yards in Starkville as the Tigers survived 21 to 19. Fournette had 3 rushing Touchdowns.

They’ve always said that a team’s biggest improvement comes between game one and game two and Mississippi State was the second game for the Tigers. But, the LSU Tigers did come out with the win which is the most important detail.

In game two, Fournette and LSU just tore up the Auburn Tigers, 45-21, and it really wasn’t even that close.

Fournette ran for 228 yards and 3 more Touchdowns and had some highlight reel runs of the type that you have to see with your own eyes to believe. Fournette averaged 12 yards per carry, which also tends to do wonders for your average on the season.

That’s also about the same time period that the hype began to become annoying.

Once a media individual came out with the idea that Leonard Fournette should skip his junior season and just sit out of football, then they all picked  up on that idea and ran with it.

They are saying that Leonard Fournette is just too good and the risk of injury is just too great and he could mess up his career in the NFL.

In the meantime, LSU had a game in Syracuse against the Orange.

Before he played up there, Leonard Fournette showed once again why he is a class act and paid tribute to the Syracuse Running Back greats of the past. The great Jim Brown, Floyd Little and the late Ernie Davis were Syracuse Running Backs that were the forefathers of the position. Ernie Davis was the first black Heisman Trophy winner.

These guys went to Syracuse because they allowed black players on their teams back then, while the Southern teams did not.

Against Syracuse, Fournette ran for 244 yards and 2 Touchdowns at still another impressive 9.38 yards per carry.

This past week, LSU returned home and hosted Eastern Michigan. Fournette continued on his tear with a 233 yard rushing effort at 8.96 yards per carry and he scored another 3 Touchdowns.

After 4 games, Leonard Fournette is up to 99 rushing attempts for 864 yards and 11 Touchdowns.



It would be easy to say that if the McNeese State game had not been canceled because of the Lightening storm, that he would have crushed the 1,000 yard barrier already.

Credit must be also given to LSU head coach Les Miles for loving this style of power football. Also, the LSU

Tiger Offensive Line is one of the nation’s best.

Starting Tackles Jerald Hawkins and Vadal Alexander, Guards Maea Teuhema who is a true freshman and William Clapp and Center Ethan Pocic. These guys are among the best groups of Offensive Linemen in all of college football.

Next up for LSU is a struggling South Carolina. The Gamecocks do still play good defense, but LSU should beat them fairly easily and Fournette should get his yardage.

Leonard Fournette is on track to crush the 2,000 yard barrier and he should easily win the Heisman Trophy.

But, instead of coming back for his junior season, some people in the media say that Fournette should not return and should just sit out and wait for the NFL Draft.

It’s gotten out of control, folks. Football players get better at football by playing football. Sitting out a year is ridiculous and the media needs to calm down about it and come up with some new and possibly relevant idea.

Leonard Fournette could be the guy that finally matches Archie Griffin and wins that second Heisman.

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