Leonard Fournette Early Season 2015

As I have said on my blog several times I am a huge fan of Leonard Fournette. I followed him in high school in New Orleans, and the entire nation has followed him since he signed with LSU.

He is fast. He is big. He is strong, and he can play. The guy is the real deal, and from everything I have heard, seen, read or come across the guy is a class act.

10 years ago during the time of Hurricane Katrina, Leonard Fournette and his family spent several days on a bridge waiting to be rescued. Not many people in America can make claims like this and that helped build character in Fournette.

The family made it through this crisis and they grew from the experience. It strengthened them.

Not only did Leonard Fournette survive, but he grew into becoming the number one recruit in the entire nation.

His family returned to New Orleans and Fournette played high school football at St Augustine High School in New Orleans. College recruiters came from around the country to recruit this physical specimen, but he made the home town fans happy by signing with the LSU Tigers.

There was so much hype following Fournette that some people were talking first true freshman Heisman Trophy winner ever. All of that talk ended with a slow start against Wisconsin. But, Fournette finished strongly and ran over the 1,000 yard barrier.

The Heisman buzz started back up as the season approached. But, Leonard Fournette in his usual humble way, stated that Georgia’s super Running Back Nick Chubb was the better Running Back than he was. When asked why, Fournette said look at the film.

I loved that answer and now Fournette is doing his talking on the field.

The LSU Tigers had their first game canceled by Lightening storms. Then, they opened up against conference foe Mississippi State in Starkville. The Tigers won 21-19 and Fournette had 159 yards rushing.

Auburn DB Jonathon Ford was talking smack about Fournette on Twitter the week before their game with LSU. Am I the only one that thinks Twitter is from Hell? I am betting coaches also think that.

It’s nothing but a tool to talk cheap trash about others and get away with it. Last year, Auburn talked noise about Melvin Gordon and how he got his yardage against Indiana and other Big 10 teams, and then he proceeded to come out and run for 251 yards on them. His back up, Corey Clement even ran for 105 yards on them. You’d think Auburn players would learn from their mistakes.

The comments made the internet and were well known. Fournette did respond with something along the lines of him playing with savages and then he removed it. He’s a class act and not going to get into that nonsense and make comments that end up on opponents bulletin boards.

Before he played against Syracuse, Fournette praised the old Syracuse Running Backs that were the fore fathers of modern day players like him. Syracuse had great Running Backs back when Southern schools like LSU wouldn’t let black people even go on campus unless it was to do some cleaning.

I fell out of my chair in laughter when on LSU’s very first play of the game, Fournette broke into the open against Auburn and nearly took it all the way for a Touchdown. His run did go for 71 yards and an Auburn DB had the angle on him and brought him down on about the 3 yard line.

Fournette broke the 100 yard barrier early in the second quarter. He had his second big run in the second quarter from almost 40 yards and he ran over a couple of Auburn defenders.

I don’t have a thing against Auburn, just wish people would stop the trash talk.

Yeah, he’s not all that good, Auburn players.


Fournette finished his day against Auburn with 228 yards and averaged 12 yards per carry and ran for 3 Touchdowns.

Some of Fournette’s runs on Saturday against Auburn will be on the highlight reels the rest of the year pumping him for the Heisman Trophy and right now he is a solid leader.  The more spectacular your plays are, the more chances you have of capturing the hearts of the voters.

He topped the Auburn game with another outstanding outing against Syracuse. Granted, Syracuse is a team of the past, but they gave LSU all they could handle with the Tigers finally prevailing 34-24.

But, Leonard Fournette was at his best once again running for 244 yards and a couple of

Touchdowns. What doesn’t show up on the stats was Fournette’s 87 yard Touchdown run that was called back because of a holding call.

After three full games, Leonard Fournette has run for 631 yards and 8 Touchdowns while running for 8.64 yards per carry.

It’s a long time until the Heisman votes are due, but the Leonard Fournette train is starting to pick up steam.

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